Battle Royale dodging LPQ

ok, can peeps stop dodging Battle Royale? just stop. it’s got to the point where MM has bugged out on me and put me into LPQ.

it’s litterally clicking accept 5 times in less than 10 seconds. i lagged, i got lpq.


Yeah, people dodging brawls drives me insane.


Drives me nuts when someone doesn’t accept a brawl too


Try the 16 dodges in 5v5…

Not as bad as the infinite que for 3v3…

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Ranked dodges don’t really get up my nose, because i know LPQ for them will be really harsh, but BR dodges is so common and LPQ for BR dodges is very light, so they don’t even care.

3v3 casuals is non-existent. Everyone treats 3v3 ranked as a casual match, with afk’s, risky suicidal plays…

I wouldn’t even be complaining if it didn’t bug out and give me LPQ for litterally the U.I. not being able to handle that many dodged matches in a row in such a short time frame. I did nothing wrong.


What I hate more is people who reject when match is found. Like why even queue if you know you’re not going to play? The sadists who do this deserve the lowest of PQs. :frowning:

Used to be I’d set aside a good 30 mins for VG. About 5 mins to queue and draft, 20 for the game, 5 for worst case scenarios. Now I need at least 45 minutes, my queue times are about 5 min+, draft takes nearly as long, and someone always dodges or doesn’t accept when I queue. One day I literally spent 20 mins queueing, it went like this - 5 mins of queue, match found, 9 accept, 1 waits 19 seconds and rejects. Another 1 minute, Match found, one player doesn’t accept. <— this happens literally three more times. Then we go into draft, enemy dodges after everyone picks. When I finally get into the game I’m so tilted I throw, get into a ping war with my teammates, and uninstall VG. Yes I’m still mad about it


yeh, seeing red dots is really annoying. I kinda understand it, i mean it is suppose to be a “mobile” game… meaning somebody could be at the bus stop waiting for the bus and presses decline when to bus arrives.

It’s just life. Multitasking and thinking they can smash out a 5 minute game in their lunch break, only to be interrupted.

Personally, I always make sure I have the time to be totally free for the length of the entire match. if only everyone was good at time management.

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I think it’s a bug, because I got exactly two people missing 10 times in the same queue, without any change.

hmm… I remember once it was a 3 v 2 in BR… not afk, litterally the total amount of players was 5… we aced them after killing 2.

didn’t report it, because I was part of the 3… lol. easy win.

is it possible this bug made me the missing player in that 3v2 situation, this time round? hmm…

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I do queue in blitz or battle royale by mistake and match found directly and i reject , so most of the rejected matches are a result of a mistake and match found directly , or someone expected a long wait and afked and match found while they gone or from the long wait they changed their mind to play other game mode .

I’d much prefer someone reject a match than dodge. Usually with a rejection, it’s only a couple more seconds till the MM finds a new match, whereas if someone dodges, it’s a much longer wait most of the time.

Rejection tends to give me couple minutes of extra wait

Atm the most annoying thing is when your opponents are 2nd pick in 5v5 ranked and go afk.
So u waste time in-
1)queuing+accepting match
2)lets say 40s for your teams bans
3)complete 30*2= 1 min cos opp didnt ban anything cos he is afk
4)About 20s for your 1st pick
5)A full 20s cos opp didnt pick a hero
and finally the match is cancelled
6)You waste time again queuing.


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