Battle Royale 1 vs 3

So it all started well… then Lance dropped out… A.I took over… Taka was afk at base mostly… (we still won, so its all good right?)

and Me playing SAW just TANKED and DESTROYED the enemy with the A.I lance… which was just attacking minions mostly :sleepy: (SAw 70k dmg… lance 2k dmg)

Later checking the enemy celeste was 300 points higher rank than me and the enemy churnwalker also 300 points above me… and they had a flicker as well who was about the same as me, but still ranked higher a little…

Taka finally joined in after i triple killed the team… better late than never right?

This is why i don’t care about rank… RANK means nothing to me… its just numbers
That Celeste player had a 6 game winning streak as well… sorry i had to break it :smirk:


Player shaming.

Also I see no rank on any of you. The differences at that level are minimal at best.

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Rank doesnt mean much but it sure means more than battle royale results, post talent cancer br is a joke.

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All depends on which talent you were using and at what level.


Besides they might not be good with a hero they got

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i had Saw’s epic talent at lvl 1. i died plenty of times. almost lost when i was dead and they was going for our crystal.

luckily came back in time with my bone saw to counter celeste’s double metal jacket… thats how i won… by that time their death timer’s was too long to stop me…

Im not good at SAw… that celeste player played 6 BR in a row… all wins. I would say it was a even match up. Celeste is suppose to counter Saw no?
In fact… Celeste is one of my Garenteed win heroes in BR… and skaarf… she’s just so good in BR, well i can add SAw to that list now…