Battle Pass

Okay, I need some help figuring this out.

From the looks of it, you get ICE as part of the additional loot when reaching Sunlight milestones. And it seems to add up to more than the cost (1300 vs 1250).
So… does that mean we essentially get all that stuff for free, and a 50 ICE bonus, when maxing out Sunlight?

And can someome confirm whether it is retro-active?

Can you explain it to me sEA doesnt have the battle bass thingy. What is it?

It has its own section in the market for me.

You purchase it (for 1250 ICE), and from the way I understand it, it adds additional loot as you gain Sunlight. Part of that loot seems to be ICE, and if you add that up, it’s 1300 at lvl 50 Sunlight.

Doesn’t make sense to me, hence the thread. :sweat_smile:

From what I can gather that is exactly how it is. I guess they have numbers on how many people complete the wheel so they can get away with basically giving the ICE back to grinders, while profiting from those who dont make it.

Either way its an interesting idea and I hope it comes to my region soon.


It’s writen on other tab exactly what you will get for X level on sunlight. There is a lot more loot not only ice.


That’s the thing. You get all this extra loot when the deal technically doesn’t cost anything to begin with. I’m only at level 28 sunlight and I already got some massive value out of the deal.

This deal is just really weird to me. But hey, if it means free stuff I’m not complaining.


So it is retro-active, @Magnus0?

Edit: Oh heck, I am just going to push the button and see for myself. If it isn’t, much whining will ensue. :smile:

Edit 2: It will give out rewards for previously achieved Sunlight levels. Oh, and Malene unlocked! Time to rank!


it is a deal. think of it as paying 10 bucks and getting more than just the usual 1300 ice. just that you actually have to work for it and the other bonus is quite bad for the most part.


For players who reach level 50 every season, this is plain OVER POWERED.

I’m surprised SEMC.


not really.
for most of those players its 10 bucks for 1300 ice and one t3 skin they probably dont want to use.
maybe one free hero, depending on how you time the unowned hero opening

the rest is worthless.
the bp chests are just overpriced and their drops are really, really bad. rare and epic chests are better in every way.
glory? no one needs that
all access pass? useless for anyone who reached 50 in the last few seasons
in the end, its not much more than the other good ice deals they made (really only the epic key and the the unowned t3 skin stick out). but you are paying to grind for your stuff and that seems really weird to me.
i can see a few players reaching level 50 first and buying it after that.

all they want is to get their players to buy ice without any deal, the 10 buck one is probably the one they sell the most, and get them to actually play. if you buy this, you would want to reach level 50 so you dont miss out on it.

this might be of value for a new player, commited to reach level 50 and focussed on skins and talents. otherwise its a bunch of stuff you can have, but wont need.
its fine to buy if you are level 50 and plan on dropping 10 bucks anyway (this applies to all ice deals though and they dont require you to play a lot), but its not really worth it otherwise.

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The deal is insane… basically a lot of free stuff and +50 ice at the end for those that get to 50. I am sure this is to make players play more and it will work as now we have something to play for.

Just got clownchurn skin and the new hero just like that… + tons of essence. Great from SEMC, really.

Also the UI is massively better. The animations arw great, it’s smoother and also the text in the draft chat is in bold. Small things, but really polish the experience.

Also ingame I like the new models + I think it heats the phone less and less battery drain. Only one game to be sure of that, but noticed it.

All and all, nice update.

Cheers all!

Edit: for those who wonders: gives you all the rewards from the previous sunlight levels. The deal is a no brainer if you have the ICE (basically you get back 50 more at the end if you reach level 50 and a lot of stuff on top of it) and also I would strongly recommend bying some ice and the deal to support their decission.

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It’s to make people play more(+new ICE purchases) and I hope it works out as this is the right way to give a reason. Hope it turns out great and they continue to do the deal in the future, even if not on every update.

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Anyone know what regions the deal is available in? I don’t have it, and I’m in NA …

It’s on EU

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If you look at it that way, yeah.

But I had unused ICE still, so it didn’t require a purchase. I’d say for active players in a similar situation, it’s basically free stuff.

Guess who is saving up all their ice from now on XD

Though if they notice a trend it will be patched

eh, its gonna take you forever to get this with free ice.
allthough you point to a very interesting concept. buy 1300 ice now, get the battle pass and keep your 1300 ice from the battle pass until the next battle pass comes around.
save the keys until you need them and you get free stuff every season, if they keep the battle pass around.

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Nah there’s the level rewards, anyone that’s relatively active should be able to buy the pass with free ice

i dont know how the level 33+ rewards look like atm, but they reduced the ice you get from 20 to 30, if i heart that correctly

Meh… so much for the idea of starting an alt-account. Not that I’m a huge fan of those anyway, but having some ICE to throw around would have been an incentive.