Battle pass worth it?

Do you guys think of the battle pass will be worth it considering they are boosting rewards for getting it and now that the new skarf skin will be an exculsive reward for battle pass.

Ps I always reach sunlight level 50 with about 40 days to spare

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Check out this previous thread

to summarize: if you have enough money for the 1300 ice (or coresponding deal atm) - yes.

  • it pays for itself and you can continue buying it every season, if you save up your ice
  • it gets you its worth in rare and epic keys (the ones that actually matter) and an unowned hero
  • the rest is a bonus.

Reach level 50, then buy. You get all the previous rewards, and you make sure you’re not losing ICE if you fail to max sunlight this season. Or if you’ve been consistently getting 50 for a while, then go for it. Like Tamaticon said, it pays for itself. Nothing to lose, really.

Best thing SEMC ever released since Grace


Very worth if you grind to level 50. You get back the ice you spent and gain more. You also get blueprint chests and a legendary skin and the chance of getting even more skins with the epic key.


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It is the best buy in the game.