Battery in game

It would be nice if I can see the charge of my phone battery when I’m playing the game. I know, it’s not an MMORPG, but it’s a mobile game tho, and 25 min for a match consumes energy and I’d like to check it without exiting the game.

Just a symbol, next to the timer. Nothing else. :slight_smile:


Maybe real time clock too while we’re at it

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All these little things that other mobile MOBAs have…
Stuff that long-time VG players probably don’t care about, but a player coming from another mMOBA will miss sorely.


I think it would be cool to see them as UI elements that can be enabled in the settings so everyone can choose on whether or not they see them.


Correct me if i’m wrong… but my android phone can swipe down from top to reveal connection status, battery, time… all while in game.

is this different for different phones? what phone are you using?


Hard to swipe from the top of your screen to show the status bar and see the battery % ? This is for android, but I am sure that there is something similar for ios.

There is a swipe down for iOS as well, although it covers your entire screen kinda like a window blind.

Also, I heard that phone-based features like clocks, gps, battery life, etc actually drain your battery life when you display them because it constantly has to keep them updated. I’m not 100% sure though

GPS, Bluetooth, NPC, Yes… but battery life, clock, No. Because it is already being constantly monitored, regardless.

4g and wifi also drain battery faster, but most people rely heavily on internet and don’t turn such essential features off.

But the biggest drain on battery life is overwhelmingly DISPLAY… size of display, brightness and duration it is on.

LCD screens are kinda special in a way that it drains the same small amount of battery no matter what setting you use. Samsung AMOLED is completely different, it drains according to how much colour, brightness, contrast, etc. is displayed.

Yes it is being updated by the iPhone itself, but the app has to run a side program to keep the display in the app up to date. I understand that many apps do detect the time, but displaying it constantly in an app is different than on the home screen. Or at least that’s what I was vaguely told a long time ago.

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