Basic Trust Level Guide

You get Early Adaptor by joining the forums before the vainglory 3.0 release… Assuming the bot already did it’s routine then you should already have the badge. You can change the title under your preferences.

Edit: I just realized you just joined, you may not receive it till tomorrow. When you do receive it you will receive a notification stating that you did.

I got notification called “Earned Basic”.

You haven’t received it yet then, it will be labeled “Early Adopter”
I believe the bot does a daily check for the badges and I’m not sure what time.

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Worth noting that there are other things playing in the background for example when you flag a post moderators have 3 possible responses - agree, disagree or discard. If we agree it slightly increases your background trust level, if we disagree it slightly decreases it and discard has no effect on your trust level.

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T4 is many but not all of the mod powers - for example banning users etc.

But its only assigned by the forum staff not auto assigned because yes it is quite mod like.

Where can we find badges earned? Not all badges are equippable as titles.

If you go to your user profile, you can click/tap the “Badges” label to show all the badges you’ve earned.

I imagine T4 can be lost as well?

Of course, but this would based upon the staff… If they no longer see you fit for T4 then I’d imagine they would demote you.

How come yours is strormguard xal?

I don’t feel comfortable with the TL3 permissions…

Though the requirements seem fairly challenging to meet, it still seems weird that they even have almost-mod-like powers, ie. Re-categorizing/renaming topics and spam-flagging to hide posts.

I just don’t like the idea that basically anyone who’s active on the forums -regardless of how good their judgement is- can do these things.

Because that was my old rank on the old forum and you can pick a rank.

Broadly speaking there is stuff that feeds in here such as moderators agreeing with their decisions, and that we can cap particular people at and trust level we think is appropriate that minimises the risks of this.

But then, wouldn’t it just be better for the TL3 thing to just be an invisible rank that the mods can look at to make considerations about bestowing these powers rather than just flat out giving them?

Thats what T4 is - the T3 powers are very limited in scope - T4 is pretty much all but title.

They’re limited, sure, but they still exist, which is my main concern. Just letting anyone who’s on the forums a lot to have those powers seems a bit off.

But again - its not just based on being on the forums a lot - its based on being on the forums a lot and acting in community positive ways that earns you TL3.

Look you may be right - but its a fair while before we will get our first TL3 so lets cross that bridge when we come to it.

wait so i think i saw flagging for the requirements for t3?!? so do i have to flag occasionally to keep my status?

i dont like to flag >_>

No, you can only recieve 5 flags before losing T3 status


thank u for clarification!

thirty characters

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