Get 200 WP and play some Baron. He’s literally busted. 200 WP sounds hard but its just sorrowblade and heavy blade.

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oh the horror. 200wp can also be 2 Spellswords. you’ll hit the CD reduction MAX and just build on that.

I played a casual game with literally new players and the enemy team had people from DNzio’s old guild and a pro player from Tilt Rehab i think that’s his team. Baron blows people up so easily its actually funny. I did need to backdoor to finish the game though…

I tried him out. Thought i was doing some serious damage, but the stats told a different story. i don’t think would be bugged, so I’m thinking Baron is in a good spot… not OP, but doing some decent damage.

Haven’t tried out WP path yet. I believe he gets better, but now I am sticked to his CP path since 30% extra damage from aoe basic attack really helps him out in early game.

Just look at my stats and I haven’t even come up with a Baron build yet I’m just sticking to what I know from playing him a long long time ago. Completely forgot about TT and I didn’t put the final point into my ult in the last Baron game. He is 100% above doing some decent damage although he spikes at 12 minutes and can easily be shut down/is free farm in higher tiers I’d image. Top lane Vox/literally any other squishy might actually have a purpose now.

oh, i checked out your Baron build with the bone saw. you must be going really aggressive to have stats like that

It’s mostly the ability to 3 shot someone on the enemy team and rack up 25 BP stacks. Then you start one shotting people and their SH just delays the inevitable. I started building BS because the Vox was actually outdueling me at one point. And ye basically played a ranged hero in melee range because they just boots away after the jump in.

hold up, So you instantly get (3 x 5 heroes) stacks of BP from 1 jump? how does it work? if I hit multiple
heroes from the AOE damage, does each hero hit count as 1 stack?

It was a bit of exaggeration on my part but it needed a jump and a couple of AA’s critting at 750 on enemy heroes. BP stacks work differently from DE stacks. DE is literally over time, so even if you aren’t doing any CP damage as long as you are doing some damage you will get stacks.

BP on the other hand is based off of how much damage you deal and quickly lowers by 3 stacks per second (or some time frame like that). So if a stack needs 150 WP damage (since I can’t tell the number of weapon damage that needs to be done) and if you do 300 damage then you get 2 stacks and that begins escalating so instead of 300 you might do 500 so you get more stacks even faster. It was changed from damage over time because captains could like kill everyone by buying BP, and Krul too. Although if you do something like 115 damage you don’t get the stack initially but in the second AA you get the stack. That is what makes Vox so good in long fights, his ability to kite = better ability to stack.

And since the AoE damage is done by you and is WP damage, yes it helps you stack. That is also what makes Idris good too, and why Kensei was pretty strong with his A and his ult. Baron is a stacking monster and probably the best thing that can be done with Baron is getting an ACE with him and watching your 25 BP stacks slowly go down.


honestly I wish that BP icon was to the side of the screen… i never really notice it because my hand covers it. haha. thanks for the explaination.

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Actually it will be really great for BP/DE stacks to be more noticeable as right now it’s hard to keep an eye on the stacks while fighting.

They buff Baron in the wrong way

his damage was fine before he literally needed more base movement speed so he can kill people/boots does something in the early game but I guess damage = speed.


I mean his late game is ALREADY SO STRONG so let’s buff his ratio so that he can melt MULTIPLE TARGETS and still untouchable with jump reset every 4 basic attacks. Another classic move from SEMC (Last one was buffing Grace)

You can test baron in blitz match , he gets double stacks each attack to an enemy , and I think he gets double stacks because of basic attack and the explosion (AOE) , so if you hitting 3 enemies you get 6 stacks and with the jump you could max your stacks faster because of the double basic attack .