Balance wishes list

I want these heroes get nerfed next patch simply because I hate them :smile: jk I luv Cath when she’s on my team
Kinetic (dmg nerf)
Baron (late game nerf)
Cath (late game nerf)
Phinn (less ff health)
Celeste (late game nerf)
Fortress (cooldown increased on A)
Anka (base armor and shield down to 50)
Lance (remove the self-root when Impale missed)
Skye (buff on CP path)
Rona (return her 5% WP ratio and lower ult cooldown)
Reim (bug fix)
Tony (perk’s bug fix)


In my case I want a kinetic nerf, a buff to Lance and changes to kensei: increase his damage but don’t allow him to stack barriers, the problem with him is the same as Ardan’s Vanguardian, he can stack barriers making him so that although he may not have much damage (he has mediocre damage) you can’t really hurt him thanks to the barrier. So I propose something like Baptiste passive.

Specify the buggs please… Also why no buff for Reim?

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I wish they made his B like a Braum without mobility during casting so it makes him even more unique

And i dont think CP Skye needs a Buff but a kit change. Lower her Forward Barrage damage for compensation for a Forward Barrage Minion Pierce (As in it goes through them)


Anka doesn’t need an armor and shield nerf - you sneeze on her and she dies.

Also highly doubt Cath and Phinn will get a nerf but Phinn definitely doesn’t need one, although Cath might


Reza, actually nerf his B damage not just 5%

His damage is balanced, he just needs some cooldown nerfs across the board so lane Reza doesn’t feel oppressive to play against. A melee bot laner shuts him down for the entire game, and any barrier orientated captain relatively makes him useless if he doesn’t feed off of someone. Rook’s and SH practically nerfed all “assassins.”

A 0/0/0 Reza doesn’t get as much work done as a 5/3/2 Reza.


80% of my hp with one B, A and auto combo trough my kenetic shield is not what i would call balanced damage

You do realize that Nivmett said every new hero are in training wheels mode which there are more op than most heros so that its easier to learn and play the hero.

Edit: i meant to reply to @MobileLegendPlayer not @Sandiha UwU

Post a vid before complaining because that’s straight up wrong. 60% on any ranged carry and roughly 30% on any melee hero (mostly referring to BF and Glaive). Literally Tony shuts down Reza completely whether it be captain, jungle, top, or even bot. Instead of complaining right away, try to learn how to counter them instead? Reza has a pretty generalized counter.

we can test it in free practice. And i didn’t say reza has no counters i just want his damage nerfed

so then he can’t kill what he’s supposed to?

Idk that’s the problem with assassins in this game if they can’t burst down a carry with one combo they’re pretty bad. Reza has counterplays but he’s definitely not balanaced

I mean the role of an assassin is to burst down a squishy target. If a squishy is trying to 1v1 they should already be expecting death, unless they are fed af.

The only reason Reza doesn’t have a lower WR right now is probably because of the unnecessary bans and when Reza does get picked up he does well because the player picked him for a reason. 25% pick rate with a 51% WR and 64% ban rate. If everyone played him he would most likely be at 49% or maybe 50%. Ffs people still ban Kensei and now Kensei is relatively balanced.

We have like so far three types of assassins right now: stacking sustain, combo, and the person who cleans up everything.

Stacking sustain would consist of Glaive, BF, and WP Taka. These guys rip through carries when they can get them and then proceed to rip through everyone else because of the BP stacks. Gets shut down completely if they can’t get on the carry or if there is a high armored hero to stop from stacking. Probably the one that becomes easily OP as well.

Combo is basically Reza/old CP Taka. You do something and follow it up with something else to get a kill. The one with a more generic counter but practically blows up any squishy if they land a combo. SH and Rooks are a hassle for them though.

The person who cleans up is basically Anka, CP SAW, and current CP Taka. They literally have no counter play if everyone on your team is low. They literally can do nothing besides dying if everyone is at a decent health bar.

Reza is fine. He kills what he needs to and dies to what he’s supposed to die to. He spikes hardest when he has at least one item more than everyone in the game, which is hard to do.

I want a Grace defense boost but I feel like I’m gonna get flamed for saying it

I love how this is playfully worded and not in a serious obnoxious tone like some posts. I can see it’s an opinion and everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

I personally and respectfully disagree with Skye CP. A skilled CP skye just melts anyone.
The rest of your list is agreeable, as long as it’s a subtle nerf and doesn’t completely destroy their play style.

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Reim does not get ff health when basic attack
Tony perk is 12 sec at all level

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She can if she lands whole 3 sec of FB, in which reality, her FB gets bodyblocked by tanks and juked by anyone with decent mobility. Its also easy to bait her B and burst her down.
CP Skye also doesn’t fit into any position in 5v5. Top, absolutely not. Bot, WP. Mid, can’t poke, bodyblocked and out-ranged by other mages. Jungle, gold starved to useless


I thought they hotfixed the text to read this? Anyway 6.5s at l12 would be way too OP and Tony is fine as is.

Tony’s perk is 12 seconds at all levels?
weirdly happens after it was discussed here on the forums…

Sometimes i think there’s a gremlin lurking at the SEMC HQ…

Anyway, that’s good to know. :wink::laughing::kissing_closed_eyes: