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I realised that I was starting to get bored with the current meta like 5 minutes ago and I was wondering what other people want as far as balance changes. Imo I really want to see some heroes who barely get played get some love like Koshka, Petal, Rona, Taka, Kestrel and maybe even Blackfeather. I also want some tiny buffs to energy costs on mages. I really want to see Silvernail get some minor nerfs on his passive and Churnwalker on his hook cooldown/range. I also want Phinn to get some damage and cooldown nerfs. I definitely want some bounce damage nerfs to CP Vox too. How do you guys feel about the current meta and what changes do you want to see in 3.9?

delet talents

this won’t happen i know

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• Koshka was viable until they decided "oh, lets make it where someone cant have four empowered AAs from using their B before the battle and use it again right after the two EP AAs are done.:man_facepalming:
• Petal is too hard to balance. Just rework her and introduce her as a new hero for god sakes.
• So much CC in 5v5 just eliminates Rona from being ok.
• Why the WP nerfs to Taka? He so much better WP.
• Kestrel is just outclassed by every other WP hero as her WP path and shes too weak as CP.
• Dont even get me started on BF. Just delete him.

My thoughts on the heros you call “barely played” :tipping_hand_man:

Also I agree with the nerfs to the heros you talk about except CP Vox. Hes not going to be good if you nerf his B any further.

My changes would be to further decrease the CP ratio on his AAs (He does SOO much damage with his AAs alone with a fully stacked DE as if he was a WP carry and to top it off with the resonance bounces at full DE stacks… No, thats not balanced imo. He’s a AoE hero when hes CP, he shouldn’t have the single target damage as well.

This would make CP Vox more weaker to 1v1 and great at teamfighting while WP Vox would be better at 1v1s and average on teamfighting

I would also focus some power into his ultimate with a a slightly stronger CP ratio on the second part of his ult.

So Vox needs to be the only mage with no 1v1 potential? I don’t agree. CP Vox isn’t even op, no need to nerf him, buff the energy in general and the other mages will return, outing Varya and Vox in a more balanced position.


I didnt say he would have no 1v1 potential, only that he would pushed back being able to 1v1 without any problems and make it a little more difficult than what it currently is.

Im not even going to question why you think this is true. Only because it would be a back and forth conversation that leads to no where.

SEMC has more major meta shifts planned for 3.9, not as major as 3.8, but specific hero balancing isn’t going to be as important.

Still, Phinn needs a nerf, Vox (cp) needs a nerf, Anka needs a light nerf, and all melee heroes without support potential or cc need a buff. So Rona, BF, Glaive, Alpha, Reim, Koshka, Krul, Ozo and Taka. Top teams pretty much never play melee damage dealers besides assassins (Reza Anka), and crowd control or utility frontlines like wp Ardan/lance.

The change from 1 month till update that brings new balance, meta, items meta, new hero, new items in some, new skins… to 1.5 month between updates - hurt the game for sure. Every other moba tries to shake the meta more frequently to keep the game fresh. VG is slowing development and can’t even keep up with the basics.

For me personally, I do feel the 1.5m is too long and that I start to “wait” for update not because of new things, but to fresh up the game in meta changes, etc… and fix some problems ingame and outgame.

Phinn doesn’t need a nerf. Older heroes need a rework. The only reason why Phinn is so good is because older roams are mediocre at best.

just give back bf his original kit.

also, cath ult is too slow and easily blocked. give her faster ult execution.


If they are gonna do that, it has to have less damage.

Or they can just tune down Phinn to make him more in line with the other heroes. The other supports are good, Phinn is just too strong.

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Phinn used to be absolutely terrible until Capacitor Plate and the river buff were introduced. He is good now because he has AOE on all of his abilities and offers solid utility during teamfights. Nerfing Phinn will just lead to Lorelai rising to the top, without addressing the shortcomings that the older heroes have, namely their lack of AOE utility.

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Umm, who are you referring to? Ardan has reliably been the top captain in 5v5 to the point SEMC had to tone down his core kit, Catherine also had to be knocked down as she was overly dominant. Phinn just ended up in a good spot, that does not mean he’s somehow systemically superior. He’s also one of the oldest captains.

You wan’t to buff the “weak” (but they aren’t) older captains, as well as all the newer captains who are equally overshadowed by Phinn? So grace, lorelei, Ficker, Lyra, Yates, Churnwalker, and Tony, because phinn happens to be good for one update?

The older captains are not Flicker or Churnwalker. They are Catherine and Adagio. I don’t recall them ever being dominant in 5v5.

Adagio and Lyra were very dominant with the introduction of Capacitor Plate. In fact the tank items were the reason why we had a tank meta. It was not until healing on Capacitor was nerfed that Lyra and Adagio became worse.

Catherine is a top lane hero now, not a captain.

Phinn is sitting on a 57% WR. That doesn’t sound balance at all…


It’s not that he is amazing at 1v1 right now, he is already the weakest mage at 1v1.

Actually Reim is. And there is no way in hell that CP Vox is weak at 1v1s.

They currently build for him thats Ac DE Eve and BM gives him enough 1v1 strength along with his resonance bounces.

Varya, Vox, and Lyra are currently the top contenders for being mid CP

Catherine literally had to lose a core feature of her A ability (the stun lasting longer than the speed boost), to bring her down from being one of the best captain/utility top lane heroes in the game for many patches in a row. The only patch she hasn’t been amazing since 5v5 release is 3.8

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Because they has been nerfed time and time again while phin was buffed.

Reim is weak.

He is the weakest mage in 1v1 (=/= weak).
Continue nerfing his 1v1 damage and he will end like before the 5v5: dead. Right now CP Vox is the only thing he has, if you want him nerfed, being back WP Vox. He is also under 50% win Rate.

Both of them were really strong top laners at some points. Adagio also downright broken when plate came out. Having some 120k heals per game.

But Reim’s 1v1 is good though?