Balance changes issue

I think SEMC do these changes based on mostly the popularity and the win rate of the heroes at lower tiers, not the power and play style. Sometimes, heroes who are super strong in high tiers don’t even get a nerf but a buff and sometimes the opposite. E.g Alpha in high tiers get shredded quite easily compared to low tiers. Another one is Celeste who is OP AF these patches and she hasn’t got a nerf. Yeah. Idk, just rethink about it.


Just incase no one has noticed yet, SEMC seems to favour to Celeste compared to other carries. When she becomes OP (Like in 1…22,1.23,1.24,2.0) they let her become OP for a few updates THEN they nerf her. They will do the same. Another example is in 2.7, in where her FROSTBURN+EOH+CLOCKWORK build became popular, and it continued to be popular till 2.9.

Kestrel on the other hand SEMC seems to nerf Kestrel the update right after she becomes OP.

It is really weird.

And it something that Celeste mains like me abuse :wink:

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They favor buffing their mains. They main Celeste so they buff Celeste to god tier level of bullshit.

Not really the only buff that she had was to her range.
They actually nerfed her supernova CP ratio…

Then they made a mistake by increasing her A range.

They had to, remember? They exchange meelee heroes with higher movement speed with extra range to ranged heroes it makes sense.

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But now it’s ridiculously long.

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0.5 range difference is nothing


It makes lots of difference tbh. Celeste feels very safe to play with that buff

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Well in the early game ya.
How about in the early game:
range down from 7.5 to 7
but the over drive stays the same?

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Nah, just simply nerf her dmg, or stun duration in her B and boom she’s balanced


To be fair her stun duration when overdrived is pretty long…

Stun Duration down to 1.3 seconds


CP ratio of Supernova down from 200 to 180

BOOM balanced

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Problem is no one would ever overdrive her B and her stun without overdriving is 1s. That’s longer than Catherine and Glaive.

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Her stun should be 0.45 and 0.7 when overdriven.
Idk I just hate her so much because I can’t play her well lol

lols her stun shouldn’t be so short for the following reasons.

Celeste relies completely on her stun to stay alive when she is ganked. Making it too short will make her to easy to counter when it is already difficult enough to land her stun

The stun is already difficult to land when the enemy is chasing you. Me as a Celeste main myself took a long time to master the positioning of her core collapse for it to actually land. Missing it is actually horrible because it has a long cooldown, making celeste vulnerable for the next 6 seconds.

So it shouldn’t be nerfed too much. I would rather nerf her scaling on her supernova slighly because no other hero in the game has such a spammable ability with such high CP ratio. It should be 180 or 170 and then it will be acceptable.

@idmonfish didn’t you already explain they do it in a previous post with @LamDumbasspro

Edit: yes he did

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Yes, nerf her one way or another
But lets be real, her B is the strongest defensive skill among all mid laners, her dmg potential puts every mages to shame, with just 1 ult she can make the entire team back off or turn the tide of teamfights. Even Lorelai’s stun isn’t that long and has more delay to it

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Problem is the balancing is deteriorating over the years. You can check old patches and compare 'em to the current ones.

You are essentially Baron CP 2.0 because your A is a hitscan, your B is engage instead of evade and your ult is easier to aim and it deals a shit ton of damage.

I think the change to subtler balance nerfs or buffs shows a progression, and a great one at that, instead of a deterioration.

Also Celeste is not OP. Well played, she is a menace in mid lane but I would argue the amount of viable counters keep her relatively in check. She’s a high skill hero, which means higher tiers play her well. However, higher tier players know how to outplay her just fine. I don’t know about you, but her A animation is pretty easy to dodge if you’re watching the ground, her B is easy to dodge and usually predictable and her ult is the easiest ult to dodge or RB. Also, most can see the ring of her range and know which already-placed As to avoid. Simply, she’s ban-worthy but not nerf-worthy