Bad Habits & Things You Do (in-game)

Note: I’m putting this topic in here because I would assume it’s a “game moment” and not exactly “off-topic” as it still relates to in-game, but it doesn’t exactly fit into either 5v5 or 3v3 because it could be for any game mode I suppose. Move it to wherever you think it fits.

So, after reading over some posts and topics, in particular misclicking scout cams and potions - I was wondering if anyone (else) had bad in-game habits?

I’ll give you a personal scenario of mine I always seem to do at some point.

I’ll be battling an opponent with low health, and I’m chasing. Or maybe my teammate has low health, or, maybe I’m killing a health treant and I’m anticipating being healed. Maybe I’m a captain, I’m in a pickle and can’t help my carry who’s got low health and I pray they’re going to heal themselves. You get the idea.

So I use my potion. Complete knee-jerk reaction, and waste it. This often kills the crab.

Sometimes I’ll double-tap the quick-buy icon and buy the displayed item twice. That’s also a doozy. But this only makes the crab stronger.

Any of you have anything similar?

After ‘buy defense’ ping removed, I always repeatedly recommend Aegis and RB to teammates from the shop tab. Cost me many times but can’t really stop.

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I always forget to shop. Especially in 5vs5 and especially if I’m roaming. I don’t die as much in 5vs5 and always forget to visit the river shops so I end up with a stockpile of gold :frowning:

Sometimes I hit FoR just as my teammate dies…total waste of a fountain
And then there’s the panic-hit-all-the-actives-my-teammate-is-dying reaction :haha:


My personal favorite is when I’m playing roam captain and I’ve already fountained one of my teammates who is still busy dying … and I hit my own flask, even though I’m already at full health, because I’m … trying to share it? Idek … :lyra:


When I play wp Skye but with a cp play style, and then realize why my A, and other abilities aren’t doing any damage.

This is so me when I started playing her WP path.

Sometimes i do bad thing when playing Lyra. Just like this picture. Lmfao10424622_1331013126909008_4465778295685775360_n


Oh boi…I don’t even remember how many times I must’ve done this xD
I guess it’s part of "my teammate is dying let’s spam activables"
It happens to me with Atlas as well…
My Skye was on half health against a celeste, I panicked and pressed Atlas to reduce the celeste’s attack speed…

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I’ve also totally done this. Nice.

Yes this is exactly in the same light as my OP. I’m thinking “heal!” And I see my flask and my mind goes “HEAL?” and then my teammate dies during my heal animation. :ok_hand:

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I like reading item descriptions when I’m respawning… Which leads to messed up quick buys.

I’ve bought fountain on carries.

I should probably turn off quick buy… But it’s so useful most of the time. :upside_down_face:

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i keep using grumpjaw and skaarf’s, and sonetimes cath’s taunts. i’m not trying to be toxic i just love their taunts

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Haha I found myself doing that same thing yesterday. Take my potion I don’t need it!

Also I spend way too much time in the shopping screen at the jungle stores, I usually die once a game not noticing someone is whacking on me.

  • Taking too long to shop
  • oh crap my team is dying SPAM THE ACTIVATABLES NOW
  • Running away instead of fighting even though i have the advantage
  • (When playing kestrel) “lemme just move over here, oh wait nvm i revealed myself from stealth”