Background Requests

We’ve always featured new heroes and skins as backgrounds here, and once upon a time, that meant numerous new backgrounds to choose from every few weeks. Obviously, things have changed this year – as it appears unlikely that we’ll see new Vainglory content anytime soon – if ever – and as our non-VG backgrounds have been positively received, I thought I’d ask for suggestions/requests for new forum backgrounds.

A few guidelines:

  • art must be game-related and officially released by the studio/publisher/developer for community use
  • images must have a resolution of 1600 x 900 or greater
  • fan art MAY be considered but ONLY if the artist is a member here and/or must specifically grant permission for their art to be used as a background on this forum (this is because with the way our background system works – unlike with forum posts – there’s no way to give appropriate credit to the artist)

Post your ideas/suggestions/requests as replies to this thread … the more likes your idea gets, the more likely it’ll become a background!


Just to add – you can also request any existing VG splash art!


:flushed: default flicker :flicker: please :kissing_cat: i don’t know how to get one of a required resolution though


Never fear, I’ve gotcha covered …

EDIT: Done! (refresh your browser if it doesn’t show up in the list)


The color scheme really works with the forums theme. Actually looks fire


Great call. I went with the background myself, and to @coltonJW’s point, it looks great with the VG forums layout. Flicker’s always been one of my faves - especially weapon power flicker! :vgitem_tensionbow:


thanks ! might as well close this thread now because who else is there to pick over him :flicker: ? :sunglasses:

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Gonna have to add Vainglory’s beautiful and tragic heroine to the list – my first love and first main, with her Tier 2 skin and splash art that is still one of my all-time favorites …

Unsolved mystery: Was Celeste related to Count Rugen?

original splash art …


I don’t think I ever really appreciated this splash. It’s one of the ones that look much better in full-screen but is does not really stand out as a thumbnail in the loading screen. The composition and camera angle is really unique.

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The Star Queen is now available!