Back at it again, but with good stream news!

Thanks to the recommendation by @Ve3nNo0wM I got a cooling pod for my laptop and it runs better while having OBS up and playing Danganronpa V3 (Used to burn with the fires of a thousand suns, but now it is very slightly warm at best). I simply also set my graphics lower to kinda lower a bit of the lag, but it’s a visual novel, so it should not be too major Hopefully it does not affect class trials tho kek. I plan on streaming later tonight (maybe at 5PM? I’ll reply to this thread when I start), and thanks to the fact that I am not playing a mobile game, I don’t have to worry about Air Server crashing every 2 seconds, so I can actually have a real stream!

Other content I plan on having:
JoJo SNES ROMS (Recommended by our boi @DIMTI)
Mario RPGs (Since Bowser’s Inside Story finna get a remaster on 3ds and I’m hyped as hecc)
VG ofc (If I can get Air Server working for me)

If you guys have recommendations feel free to list them down! There are other games I wanna play like Far Cry 5, Persona 5, Horizon, and Neir Automata with Last of Us Part 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 also being on my wishlist for when they come out. Too bad I’m too poor and also gotta save up for a good PC, so I can’t buy too much stuff rn kek

STREAM IS ONLINE! Twitch acc is on my profile card

You want me to have Mee6 link your stream whenever you go on?

Sure that’d be cool

can you give me your channel link?

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done, check #churnguard_broadcasts next time you go live to see if it works

Ended the stream. So the cooling pad was a massive help in performace (Thanks @Ve3nNo0wM), but there was still lag, my game was still pretty choppy (But 100% playable), and my browser was still slow (But still usable unlike before, which was a massive improvement). Still gonna invest in building a legit PC even if my laptop performed better than it did. I still plan on continuing my streaming (Hopefully the JoJo ROMs do not lag while using OBS kek) and am going to stream a couple days from now.

Glad to help. Sorry to hear about the lag. i was up all night trying out different ways to connect my tablet to my laptop via wireless. no success so far.


If your internet is brutal you CAN try Air Server Not the microsoft store one tho. My main problem with Air Server most likely has to do with either my internet, my laptop’s performance, or a combination of both

i think the problem is my OS windows 7… i’ll keep trying