Avengers as VG Heroes

Welp I’ve reached the epitome of boredom so thought why not try and translate some of the avengers or other characters /heroes into balanced kits for vg heroes-

I’ll start with Hulk: -
-Perk: irrepressable, every second Hulk is in combat he gains a stack of Fury, growing both harder to take down and to survive.

One stack grants - 0.1 range
-5% bonus damage
-20 armour and shield
-10 fortified health generation per second

-max 20 stacks
Basically as he does in some iterations, hulk would become almost indestructible when at maximum levels of anger.

A- Puny god: Hulk ragdolls the enemy who stands in the target direction, silencing them for 1.5 seconds and dealing 150% basic attack damage to all enemies within the smashing radius.

B- Raging fire: Hulk leaps in the target direction up to a maximum distance of 10 metres, rupturing the ground.
Enemies in the rupture take basic attack damage + 10%wp/s and are slowed

Ult- The Suns getting low: Hulk calms down and becomes Banner, utilising his superior iQ and 7 phds to grant his teammates the same gamma exposure- for 5 seconds every member of the team will have access to Hulk’s fully stacked Heroic perk. However while this ultimate is activated, Hulk is silenced and deals 1% damage.

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Where’s hulk smash fit in??

The B is basically what he did to Loki, so I’d call that a sound hulk smash

Sonot only is he unkillable with max stacks, his ult is basically a team wide buff making them unkillable whilst having insane DMG… hmmm!!!

Build is basically DE/BP/AJ/MJ/WT/SS… tank up and let his 20 stacks of BP/DE plus I assume 100% DMG buff destroy entire teams.

Does he have any WP/CP ratios? If so I’m assuming he is one hitting everyone with max fury and max BP/DE stacks?

All his abilities which deal damage are basic attacks or amplified basics and yes if you leave him alive for 20 seconds he’s be unbeatable. It’s just kinda a joke thinking what he’d do in the game