At what point in ranked tiers do you say

The majority of people know the mechanics and such of the map? I just started ranked today and my first few games have been really blatant stomps of the enemy team where it’s like they just don’t know what they’re doing. I actually feel bad for them. They run straight through my vision, tunnel vision onto my carry only to get peeled off and picked off for their overextension.

Is there a tier where (in your opinion/experience) the majority of people know the 5v5 game? I personally don’t know as much as I would like to, but I see myself rising through T4 and 5 at the very least without too much trouble.

Note, I’m not COMPLAINING about easy wins, I just feel like I need to know what point I need to start focusing on improvement.

You need to focus now but don’t think any strategy for winning will carry to the next tier. Each tier has a different playsyle to win

in 5v5? currently the only tier based on my results is poa gold++

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Currently sitting in 8 sliver and people are still running around with no idea what they’re doing.


I just had the most ridiculous game in 5vs5 in some time.

This is a poa bronze game, but I’m positive that the matchmaker ■■■■ up because not only was the draft a disaster (instalock SAW, bot lane Skaarf) literally all my teammates were simply not poa worthy in the slightest.

Not player shaming, these people really tried their hardest, they’re definitely not trolls or anything. They just lack skill and knowledge about the game.

So in soloQ, I guess you’re not safe from generally knowlegable players until tier 10.


I haven’t played much lately but the few games I’ve done I’m still deeply saddened that the people don’t learn. I’m talking about poa + mmr (I’m not sure what am I getting paired with due inactivity).

5v5 has been out for a while and I still see junglers stealing/getting mad for the side lane carries to take the buff treant (I saw a jungle celeste taking the wp buff every single time), carries stealing the jungle gold camps and a lot of disorganisation.

If you want to win, you will have to outstand most of the times on solo which then gets harder as enemies focus on taking you down first. I’ve always been a person that doesn’t mind soloQ but as of right now on 5v5, duo is your best go.

If it was 3vs3, I would say t6 and even in t5 some had a clue (also this starting from t1, that sh*t try to noob protect starting in t4 and letting people drop lower ranks is stupid. They should just let them be in t1/t2 and use mmr to match them). In 5vs5 I am currently in t8 and still it’s a noob fest + absurd matches between vg/poa vs t5/t6. The matchmaker is still broken and for that I wait 7-9m. LOL looks like not enough players are playing to have a fair matches even with the long waits.

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Tier 7 is when people have a grip on their mechanical play while t8 is more refined in that department. Tier 9 is when players get better at macro play and t10 silver+ is when you’re officially op


That moment when a PoA player walks by the cp boost which was dropped by the enemy…

I literally YELL at he screen. My buds in discord have to calm me down lmao

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I’m red/green color blind, specifically with green/brown and some hues of light blue.

Sometimes I can’t see the light blue CP buff on the brown and green ground. I wish they made it darker

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Seems like a game like vainglory would have a colorblind setting especially with it becoming so common

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Although it doesn’t bother me specifically, it’s more common for red/green colorblindness people to not be able to see dropped WP buffs than the CP buff I can’t see

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I reached POA and decided I’d stop there fr this season, depending on the time of day you’ll got some horrific matches.

Avoid Saturdays and 2am on Friday nights is my advice :slight_smile:

Well I’m at T6 gold right now, generally the trend is still whatever team with more coordination wins. I doubt it changes much until you hit the upper tiers where mechanical/personal skill might matter more.

Honestly I think you can hard carry in 5v5 if you lock in a meta jungler and have decent mechanics… actually think coordination is more important at higher levels where you can’t just rely on mechanics to win matches.