At last! Battleground defeated

The second lose was a dodge and our defeat was agains a trio of W VG Silver and 1 Gold (super fair as you can imagine).
How are you doing?
Hint: trio>duo>solo

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Dodges count as losses? Well, glad I didn’t participate.

Yes… I didn’t know that, but I would have dodged even if I knew that, not gonna lose my time with a instalocker saw.

Two of my losses we’re because a teammate afked both stayed to taunt and spam. I hate my luck but I should’ve expected, wish I hadn’t wasted the glory only got two wins. It really sucks that I can’t participate in events I hope SEMC improves these events in the future

Honestly I don’t think SMEC should be charging this much for an event, I bought the pass and my 5th match consisted of a average first start and then mid way through the game my ping spikes to 6k and it stays like this for 10 min

lucky (at least for my team) I managed to get some stable ping but only after an enemy discounted

That’s a boatload of ICE alright. 'almost enough to make me want to try, but you said it yourself: Full party or gtfo.
And stomping Casuals with a party, with people on the other end who may be trying to participate as well, only to be scrubbed off the Lane pavement… meh.

Congrats, I went 8/3. 2 losses were due to afks, I really wish I’d known SEMC hadn’t added afk forgiveness before I participated (they will from the next BG event on).

In fact I’m halfway tempted to participate again using the 400 ice I got…

that’s quite a payout for winning. Did you open the gold chest yet?

I got only one AFK, had to hard carry and won.

I mostly played duo, although at the end when I started to being matched against full parties and tryhards I played in trio.

It is a blueprint chest, and was meh, 20 opals and oso rare BP.

This are my matches (victory ones). For those trying, what I’ve seen it’s the best comp in Jould wp, lance and Vox CP. in general CP Vox is broken in 3v3. This is for those trying to help them see what people use (so that you may face them) and what heroes work, keep in mind this is EU.

Had only one win. Had two trolly noobs who made winning impossible and one real loss…

Before those I had 8/9 wins…