Assasins now still feel like fast bruisers

Tbh, an entire year has passed since Vainglory Left LeftSpectrs covered this and I hope that things have changed but no. Nothing has changed. Assasins now still have more health than all ADCs that’s only 100 HP less than the average jungler and the same armor and shield stats as the bruisers. They now still build nearly the same build but now deal slightly higher damage. Ok. WTF? Vainglory is now 5v5 and now bursting down a single target is not such a big deal like in 3v3 so why didn’t SEMC change assasins to be like “Assasins” but still fast bruisers? Why though?

Same as bruisers? Not really assasians are still squishy even with high health as the defense is not there while bruisers have high defense and mid attack

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Recheck the stats. There armor n’ shield are 20-60 same as bruisers.

Taka is the only real assasin in the game


That’s true AF. Taka is the only true assasin in game.


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Koshka plays like an assassin, but is also able to sustain fights. I think assassins are ok right now, but I see what your point is. BF does not feel much like an assassin tho.


Reza’s burst is so inconsistent (and do not misunderstand inconsistent with substained, those are 2 different stuffs) that he’s borderline not assasin

60% of the assasins still feel like warriors. The 2 true assasins in my eyes are Taka and Koshka.

And the entire community ship those 2, how convenient

And really bro, recheck your spelling. A S S A S I N S.

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Lol check your own spelling, assassins not assasins


That’s not really the case if you combo him well. Reza has a pretty sustained damage burst if you combo his abilities properly.

One of the best damage combos he has is A-C-Basic-A-Basic.

That’s not including his B or AS perks and that combo does ridiculous damage. That’s 3 firestarter procs in about 5 seconds if the enemy doesn’t run.

I guess you’re just saying his A isn’t targeted. Yes it can be body blocked but it is still very reliable if you can play Reza well. Early game he has no problem as he is mostly 1v1 or 1/2v2. Later on he has his ult which applies perk. And also even late game it’s pretty easy to target someone. If the roam is blocking you don’t always need to use A into B your target. B into your target and immediately A and AA. Not all assassins need to work the same way but Reza is definitely one.

Sometimes I do combo and the target takes very small amount of damage but sometimes it’s the opposite.