Armour needs a rework

Ever since the health and defense switch,
where health was increased and defense lowered.

I have found myself in a position where I no longer build armour. It was never very highly regarded by me and since Slumbering Husk was added to the game I have preferred that over armour in most cases.
Many heroes offer scaling on WP CP or HP meaning investing im armour will lower your lategame scaling.

But let’s not digress.

Defense build is at an all time low period. You can get away with less defense than you used to need.

Of the defensive items every T3 item adds certain benefits:

Aegis: a block+barrier
Fountain: a team wide heal.
Crucible: a team wide block
Slumbering Husk: fortified health when bursted.

Atlas: lowering enemy attack speed
(Atlas will be buffed next patch because it is too weak and underused)

In comes Metal Jacket which offers you absolutely nothing at all.
It has the highest defense vs WP, but vs a single burst Slumbering husk outperforms it.

Here comes my TLDR:
Item slots are too valuable to spend on a defensive item that doesn’t offer aditional utility!

What would you suggest to improve Metal Jacket (for Atlas we have to see what the next change will do)


how about damage deflect ( too op but eh ) or increasing the % or stacks of armor for a certain period of time you’re taking damage from an enemy hero? something like BP / DE , but defense wise

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Damage negate every x amount of wp damage will negate the next wp damage

While defensive items could use some changes and we definitely need more items, armor is needed. Husk is just a bad item. It can’t take MJ’s place. You still need armor especially on melee heroes.

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I see a lot of poa gold people forsane armour succesfully.

Hell as a captain I can tank hits without armour.

Metal Jacket is probably the worst t3 item in the game…


Almost all warriors build armor every game. Roams included. Maybe Lyra, Adagio and Lorelai can skip it sometimes but others usually build it. And even if you skip it there is no way husk would be a better pick. It’s the worst t3 item not MJ.

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I don’t build it on cath grace or Ardan either.
I don’t build it period.

Still I have an 87% win rate as captain in 5v5

Give it a health buff, maybe 300 HP. Right now it’s equivalent for CP has a reflex block and health benefits, MJ has none of these, making it significantly weaker than almost any other defence item.

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Maybe because it protect you from turrets and monsters/minions? Still, defence as a whole needs a buff to the old values pre 5vs5.

Can’t recall the last time I built a MJ as a roam, if your going armour youll typical choose AP for the utility. You right I would build armour on melee bruisers like Rona and Krul but it’s usually after I’ve built my Aegis, it’s a pretty weak tier 3 item IMO.

Husk is actually beneficial on hero’s like lyra, Adagio and Ardan because of the HP stacking, it’s no a great item but I can see why he argues it’s stronger than MJ. Unlike virtually every other defence item MJ offers zero utility to the user and no HP benefits.

Do you play Rona, Krul, Koshka, Glaive, Ozo, Alpha, Reza, Wp Idris, Tony, Baptiste etc with husk or MJ? If you build husk instead of armor you won’t last 4 sec in a team fight.

I didn’t say armor is good but it is necessary. Atlas is pretty weak currently. It depends on the hero. Phinn and Walker would go MJ most of the time. Against Kestrel you would go MJ not atlas. Both aren’t that good but you can not swap them out for husk against good opponents and expect to do good.
Even those you mentioned. Lyra maybe but even then there’s better options. On Adagio you shouldn’t really build that, he’s pretty durable and he’s pretty damn good with Shiversteel if you need more HP. And it lets him land his empowered AAs too. On Ardan I don’t think you should ever build husk. His perk does not only do nothing for his team but he should be surviving on his own without it. Vanguard is stronger but there’s much better items for that.

I don’t build armour it is a joke.

I’d love to see you play one of the heroes I mentioned. The thing is if you skip armor for 4 offense you would do better than getting husk so that’s why it’s really weird.

This. This is what I’ve wanted for a while.
Edit: Although I’d like to see this, I’d want it seperate to MJ, for multiple reasons. Firstly, Diversify the build paths. We really need more Items in VG, we have too many similar builds. To do this I suggest creating this new item, but also buffing MJ’s direct armour (if we’re imagining the new item like a BP/DE for defence, MJ is the SB/SG). Also while this item would be great for higher sustain heroes, squishies may prefer some straight up defence. Also, it would be better against dps and poke, whereas MJ would be better agains burst.

3 games without armour

Umm what? First game CP Idris. It would be a throw if you got armor. Roam Lyra as I said earlier can afford not to get armor. Third game you do have coat of plates… So what’s your point? I said show me reliably winning as a no armor warrior.

Let me check, I hate most warriors lol.

I don’t play warriors enough, I dislike how they get blown up when they get focus fired.

There are ranged attackers and assassins. Bruisers are non existent…

Then don’t say you can not go armor if you don’t play warriors. I agree with you armor IS bad but it is 100% necessary most of the time. Again not for every hero and role. But on warriors definitely. Joule and turret-push Rona being exceptions.

I take out many wp heroes without armour.
Melee heroes can’t engage in teamfights safely.

We have a mage and assassin meta for a reason.

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