Are the summer party skins rare anymore?

Just was wondering because didn’t they re release them all again?

I’m pretty sure all the summer party skins are SE and available for opals? Except for the newest ones from this year maybe. I guess the SE status makes them rare, as well as the sunlight bonus they give. If anything the skins were more rare when they were obtainable by event only, no one was gonna pay for them. But now they’re basically free to the people with mounds of Opals. Depends on how you look at it.

Ahh so what even are rarest skins of all now? Because the whole case of SE and LE should have stayed LIMITED and SPECIAL not unLIMITED and not so special if you got them opals

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Most rare skins might be LEs and maaaaaybe the Skaarf event one.

The rare skins are LEs and event grind ones. I haven’t seen SE idris in a very long time. Maybe like 3 people. Was a win streak all that difficult? I did it without too much effort.

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Which one is SE Idris again? The red one? I saw one today, but not frequently otherwise.

“Origins idris” red 1 yes
30 chara

before I was hyped about origins but then Halloween idris came out and I actually got that one for free yesterday lol but I would still would very much like to have origins just knowing it’s the original concept

If I had my way, I scrap the LE and SE things or rework them to be more properly distributed.

To be frank, I want the older LE skins. The ones that came before the Summer Party trio starters of SAW, Krul and Kestrel.

They were some of the more beautiful skins ever. I only have Rona LE and Lance LE though. I don’t like Golden Lance LE.

In my mind, a rework of the LE and SE class of skins would consists of:

  • Putting some of the SE skins into the normal Tiers (meaning rebrand them as Rare, Epic or Legendary skins).
  • Merge LE and SE into one class - “Memento Skins.” Why this? Well, “memento” means reminder of an event, which can mean that Event has happened and will come by again. Another is because it has “meme” in it, a way to make a meme out of the way they’ve handled these skins.
  • For LEs and SEs skins that are recolours, I would just add colour infront of the skin name like what they’ve done with Sparkler Skaarf.
  • Make so that “Memento Skins” have two distinct ways of obtaining them:
    ~ one is by ICE purchase during the one month they are in Season (e.g. Christmas for Gift-Wrapped Fortress)
    ~ one is by doing Events and achieving a rank (just Tier 6 to be honest) during the patch they are in season for. The Event will be locked behind ICE so SEMC doesn’t lose out too much on being generous.
  • Rotate the Events around every two patches, so you have Memento Skins to dish out 6 times a year through Events (when we get enough Memento skins for more frequent rotations, the Events can go for once every month). OR every 3 months like with the Seasons, then when it gets too crowded, some will be transferred to the “on sale for ICE” department.
  • Then the Memento Skins for ICE sales are to be held at every suitable season that they match (once a year at least).

What do you all think?

Oh, one more thing. I scrapped Opals in this process as well. Materials Chest will be Glory or ICE purchases only.

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Only thing I would do is keep SE how they are opals/ice with slight model changes and make LE worth it’s title with nice effects and custom animations . I have always been a wallet warrior when it comes to “limited time only” I like the concept of in a years time I can come online and play a game and pull out something I won’t see every damn time I come online, but I will admit since they changed the craft system I have seen a lot less L,SE and LE skins overall but when I do it’s mostly the same ones, maybe 1 or 2 legendary/special skins per game and the odd free LE skin and maybe every once in a while a summer skin which suprisingly I don’t see a lot

Yeah, that’s why I want some SE (more like a whole good lot) to just be rebranded to the normal Tiers.

LE skins to me are pointless if they’re don’t have the level of a Legendary skin in terms of quality, animation and/pr sound effects.

My suggestions want to scrap the idea of LE skins because to me, it doesn’t ring “profit” and some LE skins are attached to not so popular heroes, either because of their design or viability in the meta.

However, should a very special occasion arise, then I would not mind a skin being labelled as “LE” and staying thay way forever. They can always give out a recolour as a “Memento Skin” as a reminder of that occasion as well as saying “Here’s a recolour of what you’ve missed. Enjoy!”

As for Opals, I don’t mind the curency, but it is so damn limited.

One could chance it with duplicates and random drops, but it frustrates me because of how it’s now ised for Materials Chests.

Some people want those Materials despite their abysmal drop rates at times but the cost of using Opals is a bit of a turn off for me.

Which one is this? I’m totally blanking, I didn’t think Lance had another LE skin aside from the Golden one?

Love your idea btw

Yeah, just the Golden Netherknight Lance.

Pinnacle Lance forever coolest looking skin, his other ones are just standard knight-in-shining/lancelot type

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Actually many have the SE idris skin from the event including me, but no one uses it. I prefer idris epic over the SE lol.

Can’t argue that
But i need to write 30 character to reply, damn it just exceeding 30 character rule, lol

I agree but his splashart is not worthy of that skin. I find that it hurts my eyes to look at it.

i am conflicted because i like the idea of having actual limited skins so they are special and people can be proujd of achieving them. a new person can say wow that looks amazing i should of started playing earliker.

on the other hand i am sad because i will nevver get original pumpkin petal