Are people really getting locked out of ranked for deserting?

I’ve been getting more deserters 3.1 than 3.0…


U must be having bad luck but it is true. Those people probably stopped being able to play ranked for a while after doing so tho, so the more players get LPQ the less you should be encountering them now

I have an idea: If you have lpq you can only do casual matches. Or is it already like that?

Already like that the problem is getting the toxic out of rank puts them in casual where anyone new to the game is forced to play in so now you got toxic and noobs together which gives noobs the toxic experience as the first impression

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I must be unlucky then. I got back to back deserters just now, and have gotten a few others in previous games after 3.1.

I’ve only played a handful of games though, but like 70% has had afks, which is why I’m wondering if the the lpq is really locking people out of ranked.

I rarely get deserters if at all in ranked. Only had two so far, but I won one of those games and got AFK forgiveness on the other

I think they are, and that’s a good thing! :smile:

that was literally just implemented in 3.1

How about people in lpq get put in special matches with other lpq and if they can’t find other lpq, people with low karma?

Haven’t had AFK in a while but the trolls are relentless

I haven’t either except myself when I was fed up with a troll

You dont get lpq by deserting just one game. So people need to keep deserting like 2 or 3 before lpq. And yes, the people in lpq cant rank

Good cuz I had to dessert before I broke my phone from the idiots in my last game

I’ve had deserters two of the four games I played today.