Ardan is overvalued?

I see Ardan getting first picked when people select a captain.

It boggles my mind that people pick him first.
This match my ally firstpicked Ardan he had pick nr 1 and took Ardan, not Grace not Lyra but Ardan…

Our Alpha was mediocre at best too because she went TM as first item…

Back to Ardan, why is he so highly valued by people who then build classic captain without any of the new items…

Because he has no counter, the way to counter him is by countering his carries, he also paires up well with all heroes, meaning he is a good first pick as he doesnt reveal any information to the enemy. He is strong too.


He has no counter? Are you for real? I smash most Ardans with Grace Lyra or Cath who are all superior to him.

In 5v5 he is even worse…

In 3v3 no, and thats a 3v3, cath is a joke, just because you can stun him in his ult? Lol, he can just wait. Grace… How? WP Grace in that mode is not good, and captain doesnt counter Arda. Lyra… Is the only one there that may be stronger, but she can be countered. None of this heroes counter ardan.

i do have to say, theres a reason why Arden is in the top three best roamers. including healers


Ardan is the most reliable roam. He’s good early, mid and late. He is good with siege comps as he can protect them, good with dive comps as he can vanguard them and help them chase and lock enemies down in gauntlet etc. He’s not hard to play mechanically but a great Ardan is so toxic to play against. Also he is one of the best supports and also makes use of Plate. I don’t see why you’re complaining about him and not Alpha when the guy is playing WP Alpha into Skye and has some unranked build.


Also SF on CP Idris and EoH (the worst item in the game)…

Ardan is an amazing support for 5v5. He’s great for ganks and works really well with a dragons contract early game to secure a teammate a safe lane for a while.

SF for dot and Eve to stay alive because my captain sucked…

SF for dot instead of an AC on a AA oriented hero? Better than BM for the Gwen? Same for EoH, It wasnt worth It, other items would have been a far better choice.

It’s because Ardan is the true carry. He is good no matter what and can do well in basically any uniform comp. Obviously if a comp is garbage then oh well but he does well in dive, all ranged, and the basic comp as well. He is probably one of the best captains for being aggressive and soaking up damage. He is mostly played well by people who play carry very well as they would understand what their carry needs and when, since he has relatively long cooldowns. His Gauntlet is versatile, his Vanguard may be the reason why you get first blood, his punch does pretty decent damage at level 2, his perk is strong against burst, and the new items are amazing on him.

The worst ardan players are always people who main captain.

He has no counter but using the classic build with no new items is really bad lol that’s where it went wrong. He was good before but since the new items work better on him than other heroes he does better as well.


His perk is stronger against sustain damage, not burst, specially against tics damage shuch as Skye FB or petal

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Thats what I meant woops


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And still the skye melted his face of like he wasn’t even there.

He has no reliable stun nor heals… Enemy picked their team to counter him.

I dont agree. The way to counter Ardan is by countering his carries. Alpha was horrible (WP Alpha against Skye, gwen and flicker… With a not very good build), an Idris with a strange build (SG/DE, then AC, then BM, then defender, another offensive item and boots) his AA doesnt apply SF, and EoH is quite bad right now to be built instead of an AC, in general, Idris lacked damage with that build. Idris also countered both Gwen and Skye.
The problem there wasnt the first pick ardan, in fact, its the best part of that match.


I disagree that he is overvalued. Ardan is always solid due to his three skills all impacting mobility. That mobility makes him with Lance the most difficult Roams to secure an Ace against. He is always in the top 5 of Roams. I think he is the one Roam everyone should master. I also think Vanguard, much like Afterburn, is arguably one of the top 5 most impactful skills in the game. Lastly, there is no solid counter to an Ardan first pick because it reveals nothing about your next pick.

Also, your Alpha should have built early burst (TB/SB) against a Skye/Gwen comp instead of BP/TM. CP Skye is really strong and people are sleeping on her.

After a first pick Ardan, I’m guessing the enemy team went Skye and Gwen. Why didn’t you pick a Celeste and Glaive to match them with 2 stuns? Or draft a bursty dive comp with great dodge like Reza and BF/Taka? I don’t 3v3 but, respectfully, that seems like a bad draft and bad builds.


It boggles my mind when nobody pick Phinn/Fortress/Flicker first.
Played Phinn 4 times, all win.

Why pick ardan/cath/lyra first? Really…

Because its dar easier to use that picks against its team: phin, just pick a hero that can stack such as Vox; fortress, pick an antidive comp and CP Vox (broken in 3v3) and youve won, also he needs an early game comp, so you have more information; flicker… Anyone with dashes makes him useless, pick also a strong early game hero to stop the invades.


i cri.

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I never bothered to play Ardan… almost all match… I always try to avoid picking ardan because he is so boring… unless my teammates choose a wrong support or forced me to pick ardan…

I almost see ardan in every match that I know how to counter him… lyra and grace are my support picks and I know how to counter him well. I may not do much damage but abilities counter him easily.

He is everywhere that it’s so boring whenever I see ardan …

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