Arcording to SEMC

Acording to SEMC the only appropriate sites to use for a vg community is reddit and vaingloryfire. Seriously SEMC if you close down your forums you should be either not promote anything or promote it all. Guess there were some undertable deals somewhere especially since vainglory is allowed in vaingloryfire’s domain name


VaingloryFire is part of MobaFire. Yes there was probably a deal between its devs and SEMC, but forums are a default feature of the website. And in any case they aren’t official like the previous ones were, and pretty much dead.

Doesn’t that make it all the more weird? I mean, I get the unofficial reasoning: “Endorse a dead forum. People will take a look, see nothing of consequence (no active discussions, no information on the latest updates - but most importantly no criticism), and won’t even sign up.”

From a community-building perspective, this is beyond bad, obviously. So I guess preventing dissent > fans spreading the word and sticking around for their friends.


they cannot stand bad opinions about their game



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It’s not super weird. SEMC wants to endorse community spaces where the effort to expected reward ratio is high. On paper, VGFire is this. Easy access to top-quality visual assets for creating guides in an interface well beyond what most players can create… Sounds awesome. The site’s structure is weird and the info is outdated and kind of useless, but as a concept, it’s great. Reddit and discord are similar. People already have accounts there, so they can plug in quick and get an expected reward for it. I’d say the “rewards” of reddit and discord and vgfire are shitposts, short memories, and shallow discussion, but that’s just me. The old forums had a great reward - real conversations and discussion - but you had to work to get it.

So I wouldn’t say this is all about preventing dissent. I think it’s more about picking outlets that are the easiest to get the relative most out of.


Have you ever been to reddit to find anything useful? While reddit was a vreat concept the culture of it is worse than 4chan. As for dead forums there is no reason to support that especially since an active forum platform for the community exists but SEMC refused to allow vainglory to be used in the domain name

As much as I agree with Hipsterskaarf with this, you also have a point. Generally speaking, virtually every “main” reddit for any game/activity i’ve bothered to look at has been stupid. However, there are some others that are relatively niche and filled with likeminded people that seem to be much more open to proper discussion.

Some examples are CompetitiveHS (actually, its really serious), and SummonerSchool (League). I also heard there is a really good woodworking subreddit.

Obviously, these are as minority at least in the quantity of active users.