ARAL - Which Talents do you hate the most?

Possibly something that has been covered before, but not recently so I thought I’d ask: which Talents do you look at and just want to turn the phone off? I think my list would have to include:

  • Ylva Legendary
  • San Feng Legendary
  • Stinky Churnwalker (his Epic)

So what are your trigger Talents? And how do you counter them?

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Ylva’s epic and silvernail’s legendary are pretty annoying too. Honestly there is no sure way to counter them in Aral since all the heroes are random and some are obviously more advantaged (because of talents or because your whole team is melee). Ylva’s legendary talent’s “counter” are either a lot of flares (but you will step on some of the traps no matter how much vision you get) or simply the surrender button because i’m not having fun being rooted forever. For San Feng legendary, smart teammates and pray you don’t get heroes like Skaarf or Lorelai

SN leg got gutted though, it’s no longer a threat.

Kestrel’s & Kensei’s rare are not fun to play against at all for me.

Surprised to see that Vox Legendary Talent isnt listed.

Being restricted to the 3v3 lane and having minions consistently running it down means its easy to get bounces.

It also doesnt help that they buffed his L and R Talents

Relentlessly toxic talents are probably the healing ones like warhawks healing bomb, inara’s rare, and others.

Shoot, I forgot about Vox. Yeah, no, his Legendary is absolutely way too stupid. I remember needing to look at enemy comps to decide if I go weapon or crystal. With that Talent, I can just go crystal and mostly turn the brain off.

Phinn raid talent. Especially if the enemies has max out. He can just sit in the centre and take all the damage

Phinn’s is pretty annoying, but I feel it never really transcends being a nuisance. Like when he nabs your minions and you can’t do crap, it’s kinda annoying to turret bomb, but other than that all he really does is stop you from getting Aces early on.

Reading through, it seems this is more a list of talents you hate facing, rather than a list of hated talents.

I personally hate Celeste’s Epic. not because it’s annoying, but rather because it’s unimaginative and boring. Her rare talent is so good that it nullifies her epic completely.

Oh, so you’re thinking Talents that I hate conceptually rather than Talents that I hate facing. I guess my contenders for that would be:

  • Kestrel’s Rare: It’s just so good that it invalidates all her other Talents.
  • Yates’ Rare: The concept of levels increasing range by such a huge amount ticks me off, especially when you’re gonna do my boy Krul dirty with a static 0.5 boost.
  • Caine’s Epic: This seems like a Talent that massively rewards spending, because at low levels it’s useless, then at max level you can suddenly kill people at 40%.

I personally really like Churny’s epic. It turns him into a good warrior type hero, allowing you to play him in brawl modes where extra damage is far more valuable than a captain.

The talent I particularly hate is Raid Boss Phinn. If played right, literally immortal, can just tank damage while his teammates dish it out. I could name a load more talents that were broken on release but have been adjusted, so obviously they have done some work on them, but because of the levelling system it’s still not really balanced. Any Talent can be broken if it’s lv10+

Surprised no one added Kinetic’s Epic. It’s the go to talent for me with her, and between her stun dash and ult, almost instantly guarantees I can sweep a whole team solo. Just one A after you have a couple items and the enemy has like 1/4th of their hp unless they have good defense, and even when they do it’s maybe 4-5 A’s and they’re dead. That’s not even near maxed out. It’s quite similar to Kestrel’s rare with less range but more dmg per shot.

I guess people don’t play cp kinetic as often so they don’t see how brutal her epic is.

Lorelai’s epic too obviously, and Sang Feng’s legendary are some of the most busted to face.