April Fools?


Everything is upside down…
just like the future of VG :slight_smile:


You can un-upside down it by changing your forum theme to “Rescue Me” :upside_down_face:


Hahah @hazeleyes can’t beat me!


Ok so the images are backwards and I still don’t know how to crate a gallery properly but ok.

Edit: I would like to report @hazeleyes he is a corrupt mod.





Cute cat. :wink:


You are :koshkalaugh:


Keep in mind that on mobile you can’t browse the forum in any way (from a phone). Scrolling down (up in this case) is not possible, atleast in the samsung internet browser. So you essentially can’t read upside down or scroll, or post, etc. @hazeleyes


Thanks for the heads up – I was able to fix the scrolling issue, so things should be fine now.


fine, you say? :smiley: GOLD <3 10x for fixing the issue.
P.S. The forum could stay like that forever - to filter the noobs from the pros. :sweat_smile:


I like this background, it doesn’t bother me that it doesn’t fit like skin backgrounds, can there be a theme for this one just always pls? Also didn’t know you could do those things to the forum, reversing stuff


This background has been available since 4.0 was introduced. It’s the default background unless you select one of the skins for whichever update is current.


from the user experience stand point, maybe make the “switch back to normal” toggle available face up somewhere so users can easily switch back? lol

State of the Forums - late March 2019

I thought you made something to fix this by changing the background , but I couldn’t click any buttons in the top except the new buttons coffee and Twitter and patreon , so I couldn’t search or check my profile .


I legit loaded up the forums yesterday and when I saw the upside down layout, I said yep, no forums for me today lmao


April fool’s indeed! I couldn’t post a COD this morning. Too early in the morning for me to figure out what the heck was up! :rofl:


Out of curiosity, did you just change the forum font just now? @hazeleyes


Nope. No changes to the fonts at all today.

EDIT: Looks like I forgot to add the font component to the “Rescue Me” theme. Oops. Fixed.


BTW, if you guys are tired of seeing cats all over the place, you can change your theme to “Rescue Me” in your profile. :cat:


Nothing is upside down, no unusual cats… joke’s on me I don’t get to join April Fools fun :frowning: