Apple's New Mac Pro

While I can’t possibly justify the cost of a Mac Pro, I am in fact lusting after one pretty badly …

I’ve been dying to get a Mac back on my desk for a couple of years now (my little Mac mini from 2010 just can’t hang with the big dogs any more), and with it looking like my iPad Pro is going to essentially be my new laptop, I think this is the year for it!

Trying to decide between souped-up Mac mini versus iMac versus iMac Pro but I WON’T LOOK AT THE MAC PRO I WON’T LOOK AT THE MAC PRO looks at Mac Pro I WON’T LOOK AT THE MAC PRO …

Don't do it, Hazel


The maxed out specs one will cost around 45 000$. The monitor is another 5-6 000$ and ofc, we can’t not mention that the stand will cost you another 1000$. :smiley:
Only around 52 000$ :sweat_smile:
Ofc you will not go for the maxed config, but all that matters will cost a lot too (and the cheapest option is too expensive for what it offers specs wise, even core i9 that is cheaper is faster than the 8 cores xeon there + it’s not sure that the motherboard is the same, so maybe you will have problems adding more ram too).

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Anyone who can afford this beast is not going to buy an 8-core model. It’s just there so they can say it “starts at $5999.”

Not sure I understand this comment. There’s only one MB for the Pro. Are you thinking of the RAM clock speed, which does differ for the 8 core model? Here are the possible RAM configurations from Apple’s Mac Pro specs page:




But but but … you can get it with wheels

(Which is appropriate, considering it costs as much a car.)


That’s the thing, how you are sure that the MB is just one type of? This is directly taken from the linustechtips from a video uploaded yesterday. He questioned if the MB is the same as it’s not mentioned anywhere in the site when you choose the config. Go check it out (as I myself didn’t research the topic, kinda not considering that machine at all hahaha).

In what world would it make sense to design two different motherboards for it?

I must be missing something.

What site? The machine isn’t yet for sale, so there’s no way to “choose a config” … :confused:

Well, it’s easier to check the video… it’s from yesterday or the day before. It’s 10m long.
As for your question: why selling a stand outside of the monitor and not include one with it? :slight_smile:
It’s apple, they love to do such moves that will force you to pay more money.

That’s an entirely different issue, though, and has nothing to do with the Mac Pro’s internals. It’s just typical Apple price-gouging.

Not really that interested in that guy’s opinion – it’s pretty clear that he’s raising an issue that doesn’t exist and doesn’t even make sense.

The reason the 8-core Xeon RAM runs at a different speed doesn’t have anything to do with the motherboard – it’s the maximum speed at which that CPU can access the memory, in all likelihood.

Also, it appears that the Xeon CPUs being used in the Mac Pro are custom versions – the cache is much larger than that available in the standard version, for example, so anyone trying to talk about specs or performance is pretty much guessing at this point.

I strongly doubt that intel will bother to manufacture a custom xeon for apple, especially with all the variants they offer and the tiny client for xeons that apple will be on the global map. :slight_smile:

For the RAM speeds, he didn’t comment on that at all, it was strictly questioning the MB and the RAM slots. Didn’t state it would be different, just rose the topic.

Edit: also ram speeds are hardly any problem at all as all are on the default 2133 for DDR4, for example and anything higher is considered OC (yep, all the higher speed mems are tested OC). The memory controller supported highest one is another topic, but all sticks will run by default on 2133 MHz and just work. Ram type is another topic too and will totally need a diff mobo (long gone are the times when a single board had ddr2 and ddr3 ram slots ahahha AMD ofc, athlon 2 with two mem controllers in the CPU), but all the CPUs that the machine offers are ddr4.

Lol, that’s not remotely the case – Apple is a client that Intel is absolutely DESPERATE to keep. It would be insane for them NOT to create custom silicon for Apple, when Apple is rumored to be considering walking away from Intel altogether … most likely it’s that one with slapped 8MB more cache that is kinda not hard to modify. From there it’s the same CPU and the performance will be similar (I would say within 5% depending on the workload).

For apple rumours, I know. There are even ones for custom CPU made from them. Also a lot of people questioned why the mac pro is only intel variant and why no threadripper (if not only that option given the AMD radeon in it). The variants are few and all reasonable, so going with intel is totally fine imho.

It aint worth it! It’s way overpriced (Never even knew it could go over 40k!!! That’s just theft) and it has very little repairability. I’ve only ever heard bad things about mac repair stories

The cheapest 6000$ one can be put together for 3200$ (with a good case and everything)… so yeah, but you won’t get macos and for some it’s really important. Yes, you can do some kind of “frankintosh” on a desktop, but it’s really really complicated to do so and problems will pop up all the time in the future - not worth it, especially when you use the machine for work (the time you will put into troubleshooting is time that you can work on it).

When they go to ARM (and it’s a virtual certainty at this point), it’ll be custom-designed silicon, no question. That’s how they did it with the A-series for iPhones and iPads, and they’ll do it again for their desktops/portables also.

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I actually wonder. What are the specific reasons some people would prefer MacOS over Windows to pay such absurd prices?

It’s absolutely worth it if you need that kind of power. This machine is designed for movie studios, television production, FX studios, etc. – not for you or me.

One analysis I saw indicated that a single $60K Mac Pro could replace several machines costing over $100K total – in a package that can be moved from location to location. For the market they’re aiming at, it’s a game-changer.


Probably because that’s all you’ve been looking for. Very few people report their great experiences with Apple, because it’s the norm – and that’s based on experience dating back to my first Mac in 1984. :sunglasses:

Surface is 100% better tho, especially the Surface Studio if you want to create those kinds of things. Businesses often use them because it’s known for consistency and reliability. Plus it’s Windows.

Uh, what?

Surface Studio is a vanity product that rarely gets upgraded and is not nearly powerful enough for the sorts of things the Mac Pro is designed to do.

Not even remotely in the same league.

Plus, in contrast to MacOS or Linux, a sea of Windows computers is a nightmare to administer. (I know, I’ve done it.)