Apple App Store Promo/Highlight

VG was featured in the US App Store today, so I opened the story to see Apple’s latest take on the game. (Apple’s editorial staff writes these stories themselves, for those who don’t know.)

Sad to say, this is clearly just a recycled post from quite a while ago … <sigh>

(Tap/click the image to read the full article. Highlights are mine.)

On the bright side, SEMC has always had impressive connections with corporations like Apple, Samsung, etc, which is only a good thing. Hopefully they keep highlighting VG (and VG-universe) stuff in the future.

Also, that image of Flicker with Ghostwing is pretty adorable, and would’ve definitely gotten me to download the app and give the game a try. I forget how cute his character model and animations are.


Agreed – I just wish the article had highlighted some newer heroes and modes (like ARAM). It’s pretty significantly out of date.


Featured today in Malaysia App Store.

No. 2 in the list after Clash Royale.

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