AoV Switch Edition PSA: If you signed up for the Beta but never participated, you still get the Krixi skin

FYI for any of you that care

I know I don’t

Krixi suxi

Are you crazy? I love Krixi!

BTW, you can’t use the code to get the Lunar Krixi on any other platform, unfortunately. (Ask me how I know.)


Krixi is a really insane pokemage indeed.
Saying she sucks is a joke…

How do you know?

I tease

But seriously, Krixi doesn’t suck I was just being silly

If you look at the end of the sux there’s a rhyme

it’s a bad one, I was never good at poetry.

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I read “pokémage” and not “poke mage” and now I can’t unsee it.

It was. 99% of anything I say anymore is

Except for that thread about loving the forums, that was the truth.


I’ve gotten two codes for the skin (because I was in the two beta programs?), anyone interested?

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um ME !!! I love my gal lil Krixi