AoV July 2019 Update

Since I dont want to make a next post… Ill ask has anyone heard about Aov 3.0?

@hazeleyes have you tried the 10v10 game mode?

I just updated yesterday, and … yikes wow, there are some pretty massive changes :grimacing:

It’s not clear whether they’re going to help or hurt the game, but I’ve got to give Tencent this: they’re still putting a great deal of effort into improving the game, despite the rumors of its impending demise. Unlike certain other game companies we all are familiar with.

Here’s a great summary of the changes:

I have two criticisms so far (note: I’ve not yet played a match with the new client):

  • I hate (as in DESPISE) the new font they’re using – it causes a pain in my typographer’s heart every time I look at the screen, in fact
  • they continue to change the appearance of various heroes, and in every case, I’ve liked the older versions better

Oops, forgot to answer – yes, and it’s pretty much insanity. Very fun if you’ve got a balanced match, but I’ve gotten a few where the balance was questionable, and it wasn’t fun to be on the losing side – there’s simply no way to turn it around. Overall a pretty good mode for casual play – I hope they continue to tweak it.


Will check it out, on vacation and limited download capabilities. Surely sound interesting… waiting for VG too, but we will see when it will come out today lol

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Agree one hundred percent! Everyone in the server chat were complaining about how bad the numbers look…

Also about the skins, I heard they’re giving back the old default skins as free skins for the old players that had liked them.



Looks like a nice set of changes to revamp the game. New visuals overall look… worse. The UI looks cheaper for sure. Maybe the font idk.

Reminds me of VGs major updates, we will see if the community actually likes the changes long term.

I don’t really play AoV but that new font is just… Microsoft Word realness :star_struck: