Anyone using Shiversteel on Fort?

I never thought much of it till now, but I decided to try it out as a replacement for Aftershock and it’s amazing. I dunno if it has been popular for a while hence why I am asking if you guys are using ShiverFort. It can confirm kills way better than aftershock for supp Fort, makes him tankier, and allows him to proc bleeds far quicker. I did not have much success in my first match since I could not find any strong openings to gank despite most of the enemy team being vulnerable to slows, but the second match just made the strength of the item shine very brightly. I even build Shiver before Fountain cause the killing potential Shiversteel has for Fortress in the early game is staggering compared to the defensive power of Fountain. Has Shiversteel been a popular item on support Fort this whole time?

I used to build shiver steel on fortress in 3v3 long time ago before he turned to a potatoe , I took the build from a fortress main , he used to play jungle fortress a nd always build shiver then tank then aftershock , I think people ignore shiver steel on him because it’s overkill , you already jumping into enemy and giving speed boost to your team , so slowing the enemy is toxic and overkill .

Shiver steel fortress was one of the best taka counters when he was op , in 3v3 fights it was impossible for taka to run away , still shiver steel hurts assassins but no one bother buying it.

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It also hurts dash heroes, so you can still catch up after their dash, and is especially potent when the enemy is close to a turret, so you delay the time they have to get to safety

Yeah you reminded me of Gwen , shiver fortress is really good against her , same for kinetic .

Would throwing in pulseweave over AS work?
SS Rooks PW Crucible boots with one optional slot?

Fountain also needs a slot. Also SS already gives enough slows for Fort considering its low CD, so the PW would be the optional slot. If you are against Flicc u get the Scout Cams, if u want more damage, you get AS, if you need to stop high attack speed carries, you get Atlas, etc etc

Thing about AS is it gives him the much needed cdr. AS RD and SC (if playing jungle) gives him 40% cdr, making his A cooldown 4 secs with 4 secs of speed boost (basically infinite speed boost). AS RD and lv 12 infusion gives him the 45% cdr cap.

It’s a sacrifice you make for the sweet early game ig. My cooldowns have been relatively fine considering I tend to also build clockwork in my builds so I can summon an army of doggos

PW is also an out after diving in. It has damage based on hp which you stack too…

Well he has infinite chasing potential so why would you need a slow on Fort? AS is like a core item on any CP hero that apply basic attack effect upon skills

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I was so confused when I thought you were talking about SSW for a minute. I still need to work on my items :grimacing:

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Pulseweave on fort is really good too, and unlike aftershock it does AOE and SLOWS nearby enemies. It is basically damage + Shiversteel combines, except better when both the damage AND Slow is AOE and take note that the damage that pulseweave does is substantial enough to be recognized as a must-buy item for meelee top laners in pro play such as Tony/Flicker/Grace/Ardan/Catherine for its Utility, Damage, and Tankiness makes up for not buying any other damage item at all.

That it true…gonna experiment with that too

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Fort A gives speed boost to whole team which is equivalent to slowing enemy down. I dont understand the point of using a shiversteel or a pulseweave. Rooks decree is the best item on him. Tbh rooks decree is made for fort. An ardan/cath/phinn doesnt do as many basic attacks as a fort.