Anyone play Onmyoji Arena?

This game is soooooo much fun. Just downloaded this Monday and I gotta say the meta looks more fun than VG’s (junglers do jungle thing, laners do lane thing)

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Nope, but you got me curious about it.

Going to download and try it for myself.

edit: tried it… found it very cringy. curious about the battleship and other big monster looking thing.

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The octopus (named Kraken lul) helps you push turrets and the other gains bonus stats
I heard that this game is pretty balanced, no heroes are freelo, which is always nice. And I like the heroes design too since I love Japanese culture, their skills visual and sound effect is flashy and badass. No P2W like VG’s talent or AOV ML, and laning phase is important (if you miss 1 wave you’ll be 1 lv behind, unlike VG laners give up lane farm to steal jungle camps), jungler doesnt get 2 lvs ahead like AOV so jungler cant solo carry in this game. Oh and they also have Fog of War


I really like it as well. I’m still super trash, but it’s more entertaining than VG for me as of this moment. I just can’t remember any of the anime names of the heroes :weary:

I’m once again experiencing a stale period with VG, as many people are. Not even hyped for Yates anymore- and that’s coming from a guy who only plays captain.

play with me unless you play puppeteer


The game actually is less balanced and more every hero is broken in some sort of way.

Which I’m completely okay with.

There are a few characters that seem to be somewhat left behind (E.G. Yotohime, Jikikaeru, Jorogumo) but they are not basically completely unusable like Petal is in VG.

If you want to play the game yourself, try out these characters
Bruisers: Ibaraki Doji (AKA Fisty McGee), Puppeteer, Satori
Mages: Higanbana, Shiro Mujou, Susabi
Marksman: Chin (Goddess of the third realm), Futakuchi, Kubinashi
Ninja: Inugami, Kyonshi Imouto, Mannendake
Tank: Kuro (Best kit design for a tank I’ve seen in a while), Hououga, Mouba
Support: Kaguya, Kusa, Ichimikuren

These are characters that I personally think are fun or have interesting and different kits from VG characters. And also, fair warning. Don’t go up the ranked ladder too fast or you’ll get to the drafting tier too fast and not have enough characters, locking you out of ranking with friends.


I heard that all mages are equally good. Higanbana Ootengu and Kingyo are popular because they can burst people down.

Damn I literally just got Elite today and now I cant rank :frowning:

I hate Puppeteer lol, she bursts you down at range, and when you get close to her… oh look she’s also a melee :joy:
I wish Petal can be like her

Its just their specialities are amplified, so every hero is obnoxious and strong in some aspect (Higanbana Ootengu Kingyo Maestro can burst you - and your team down in a flash, or Enera can turn the battlefield into a poke fest, KiyoHime can bully the crap out of your lane…) Therefore the game remains balanced

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