Anyone know the drop rates on the blueprints?

I have been grinding quests whenever I can to try and get blueprints. Last night I even got a Dragon Chest! Sadly though, I have not gotten a single blueprint yet. I am starting to get slightly let down because everyone I know has gotten at least 2 blueprints by now (for my brother they were both the new alpha skin and the new kestrel skin) and I havent even found 1.

I am curious in if its poor blueprint rates or my garbage luck. If anyone knows what the blueprint rates are I would be incredibly thankful if you would tell me. Thanks!


I do not know the exact drop rates so I cannot help you there, but I pretty sure its just because of the poor rates. So far, all I have gotten is Kruls rare skin, got it out of a golden chest.

Did you. get any big lumps of essence? If so that was you getting a blueprint for a skin you already have.

Someone is running a poll on it on twitter and about 15% of people have had a blueprint drop so its pretty low drop rates.

No essence no BP either. Drop rates are Abysmal at best…


Yep, they literally removed the essence drops from quest/daily chests. Poor new players… also poor us after a while when the stacked essence is gone.

so poor me?`i only have 1k essence atm and two more t3 skins to go. allthough i simply dont want to destroy any bp i have in fear of being left with lots of essence and no bp.

If you like the skin the BP is for - never destroy it. Just hope for duplicate, pure essence drops and destroying BP for skins you don’t want for sure.

I want Ice Vox but I got Kyudo Kestrel blueprint…lol

Not being able to craft BPs with essence is a major bummer.


They never give out drop rates except in the “deals” chests. For the blueprints, the drop rate seems minuscule. It seems an effort (a really strong effort) to push people into buying skins with ICE.

I think the inability to craft blueprints is lame, but it’s on par with games like League. It’s a micro-transaction world, and we’re just living in it, I guess.


Noone knows the exact droprate. All they said is that with doing every quest you’ll get 1-2 blueprints per week and that they have some form of pity timer. And for me that was true so far.
So my guess is that you haven’t been doing enough quests and/or got some essence drops (which means a dupe skin) that are easy to miss.

The point about the essence in lieu of a blueprint is a good one – they’ve admitted that they neglected to include any indication that you received a dupe, even though you’re credited with the appropriate essence. That may well be part of the reason the drop rate feels so abysmal.

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i find that weird. indicating the dublicate is easy, they already have that for the mystery chests, so it shouldnt be that hard to apply the same for the blueprints.
maybe we will see them doing that in 3.1.

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It is weird, and they’ve indicated it was simply overlooked. Iirc, it’s one of the things to be addressed in the next update, which they’ve suggested will focus on QoL things.


Some of us also have an uncompletable quest on our list which I am sure doesn’t help…

SurpriseBirthday did say on reddit that they have something in the works for people who have a lot of skins and a lot of essence to mean they still get the occasional skin for free.

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