Anyone here play gacha games?

I haven’t been playing too much Granblue lately, but I changed my fire team a little and its been much better. Working on grinding up the members to 100 with the golden week bonuses.

I’ve been doing some of the grinds as well (row 4 classes, events, arcana, a small bit of the eternals, etc.) and yea I know making my yuel 100+ probably isn’t the best idea but I did it for the seasonal waifu outfit

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Noice, once yuel is level 100 she is great and grants a lot of team utility.

Now im working on my Kengo class champion weapon

@DIMTI i have Marth from FEH banner and only have been playing DL a bit more than usual b4 going to do my GBF dailies and grinding.

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Oh nice, I actually managed to pull Veronica myself. Having the prints out of summons is nice even though it made pulls full of dupes.

Why do both Marth and Veronica look so young compared to FEH…

Its basically cus DL art style and cygames is just really good with art as shown in GBF.

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I actually wanted Veronica cus waifu haha

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Golden week is over and so does the free rolls but I got Vane… Vaine? Whatever his name and Forte :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I instantly started to grind xp for them

Noice, Vane and Forte are pretty decent. Also Forte is getting a buff coming in a few months so yeah so she will be better.

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Another EX II Class ccw element changed

Xeno Clashes are up, get ready for the next grind

@DragonClasher @DIMTI

Y’all doing the FEH Summer banner or still even playing FEH in general?

I am, but I haven’t had any luck at all on the current banners. I had way more luck on the last ones, as I pulled Nah, Yarne, and a Laegjarn dupe from the free bonds event tickets, Sigrun from the new wedding banner, and Naga plus a legendary Tiki dupe from the last mythic banner.


Damn you got Naga… I almost spent a good chunk of orbs trying to get her but I still had no luck.

Atleast the stars aligned and I managed to get Summer Innes from last Summer Banner and Gunnthra from this years Summer Banner. Though I really wanted Laegjarn or Halbindi but Im not complaining. #RespektRNGsus

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Also add me on FEH :rage:


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I didn’t get lucky with last year’s summer banner either tho lol. I’m trying to go for Laegjarn or a pitybreaker Gunnthra (if there aren’t any blue orbs) on the new summer one. Not really aiming for the other two.
Also my ID is 4448394608. I have Duma as my helper even tho it doesn’t matter too much atm.

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I used to play Battle Breakers.

It was a really unique game being developed by EPIC games. I recently checked up on it, and it seems to be dead in the water, probably one of the many games Fortnite killled with it’s success (I’d guess epic moved the devs to Fortnite)

The main appeal to me was the polish, and general difference from the stand Asian developed games. I really can’t stand the overflow of systems that exist in most of these games. The gameplay was also totally unique and very high skill cap. Really makes me sad to see the game will probably never release, considering it’s the only game in this genre that ever appealed to me.

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Right now I only play FGO, used to play FEH and tried Langrisser for a while but it got old pretty fast. AZ & GF were probably the most generous gachas I tried, FGO feeds my gambling addiction and makes me feel terrible for spending money so it feeds the hidden masochist within me :’)

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That art style would have gotten me to play it @coltonJW too bad it died though… :tired_face::disappointed:

I used to play FGO since I loved the anime but I was never THAT into it unlike FEH.

Also what is AZ? I probably seen it but cant remember the abbreviation. I still play GF but not that much (I play the events and collaborations like the Code Geass event.)