Anyone here play gacha games?


I’m honestly a little salty about my pulls today. Did 4 multis with the 10k puzzle crystals and the trophy bonuses from them and only got 1 SSR. Got the SR Korwa though, so that’s nice I guess.


Rip Ill send good vibes to you on your next pulls



I got 3 new ssrs but was trying to snipe the zodiac characters didnt get them but got wind vira and new sr korwa with 1 earth ssr and another fire ssr.

Hows are ur grids progressing?


Mine’s been going pretty good so far. My fire team is really good rn, haven’t had too much trouble clearing content that I’m meant to, I’m working on grinding the third row classes, and I grinded out for the April Fools outfits and weapon yesterday, as well as the first rotation of the Walk on the Wild Side box and I got the Jeanne outfit ofc.


This is my fire

Also Athena is really strong frontline btw, once do row 3 classes done prepare for row 4 which is unlocked via class champion weapons so u need to some co-op(which weebs will carry in).


More free stuff coming again sooonnb


omGgggg this game is too generous

not that im complaining tho


U get a free sunstone on top of that hahah


Lol almost same damage as my water


Im now doing the Love Live side missions now :lanceheresy:


Finished grinding all of the row 3 classes (except for gladiator) plus drum master and I started the row 4 grind. Still trying to get a single replica drop atm.


Noice, also u can trade for replicas and use silver bricks to uncap them.


So good musicc


Got these from Athena trains in co-op hehe



I found a small game with a active community.

Reminds me of how VG was with out small it was and the games graphics are quite above average than the competitors.

Voice acting, classic ff battle sequence, dynamic fight scenes, good story.

Just started a week though.


Got my first eternal!


Golden week has started in Granblue Fantasy, more free rolls daily til May 7th.


:eyes: Time to start playing again.


i don’t think ill ever play a gatcha game thanks to being poor and yakko’s review