Anyone here play gacha games?


pokes head out

i’ve been playing Honkai Impact 3 since launch


what server are you in?


Got the Gachapin Frenzy today and being unlucky came in clutch. Got a ton of R and SR characters (and by extension, crystals though fate episodes and a ton of sparks) and on the SSR pull, I got 2 and another by using the fate episode crystals.

Also, I saw stuff about the guaranteed 5 SSR pulls. This game is too generous for a gacha.



I also got the fire witch lady and horned red man!

Sad thing is that 95% of my ssr are fire and one water >_>


SEA player here, been playing Honkai for 2 weeks now


that’s on top of the 100 draw xd, im currently grinding the xeno event right now for the second weapon so its gonna take awhile. Gachapin gurantees an ssr btw


Rip we’re in different servers after all.

I heard that SEA is the third server to get the newest of things anyways :open_mouth:


Yay finally my second xeno this event


Hoo boy is my Yuel is carrying me hard. I’m clearing quests I probably shouldn’t be able to at my point in the game like the Love Live boss ones thanks to her CA setup.


Got two more ssrs today


Once u get a omega 1 wind grid you will soon to able to solo Yggdrasil Omega


wait wat 33333333333333333333333


Its part of a collab side story


Need to comment but Granblue is one of the most generous gatcha games ive EVER seen.

Today I got a free 10 summons from the pinwheel event and got two ssrs from that and the super muaku festival event gave me 10 more rolls with increased ssr chances (I got 5ssrs).

Just :gwenrainbowbarf: wow


The 100 pulls and 5 GSSR was pretty wild for me too. All I honestly wanted was the featured Rose Queen (or any summon with a decent wind aura), but I surprisingly got a few new SSR characters, including Vania, decent leads for wind and dark (my two best teams prior to pulling), and a good lead for fire, Michael. I went from using wind and dark teams to fire from this banner alone purely bc Michael is the best lead I have.


Rip I dont have any good fire summons but I have the Rose Queen… Once again another misfortune is that i have no wind characters so my strongest team rn is my fire squad.

Though I now have a dark team due to the free pulls giving me the featured banner heros


Huh interesting how I got the one featured character you didn’t get.


During summer we got more free draws during the summer banner and when ever gbf hits another player milestone like smth million players. Also during Christmas and New year theres draw rolutte again


Is it me or all photos listed are cats :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pretty sure that’s part of the april fools stuff here