Anyone Got Any Android Games To Recommend?

As the title says, I’m looking for Android games that you guys recommend to kill time. Offline or online doesn’t matter.

inb4 vainglory

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD - by Babetime US

King of Thieves - ZeptoLab

Fallout Shelter - Bethesda Softworks LLC

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Dragonball Legends @DIMTI
Very f2p friendly for a gacha game and has real time PVP which is awesome!

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Skullgirls and Shadowverse are fun online games (fighting game and card game respectively
if you have friends to play with, PUBG is fun
soul knight is a nice roguelike

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Vainglory the MOBA perfected for uninstalling


Cytus II which is a Tap music game


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Honestly, if you want an extremely fun game that takes about 5-8 minutes to play, try playing Hook Wars mode in AoV – it’s only available on weekends, though, but it’s a blast. Nonstop action, and totally unlike anything in VG. (Onslaught was a similar idea, but poorly implemented – the additional mechanic of being able to hook the enemy and pull them toward your side is what makes Hook Wars work; Onslaught needed something similar.)

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My friend recommended me a game called Smash Hit, it’s pretty cool. Easy to get roped into.

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tap controls yay

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BLOONS TD 6. It’s paid, but at least it isn’t a freemium game. It has deep and strategic gameplay, accompanied by neat and colorful graphics. It doesn’t take itself too seriously too. I mean, it’s a tower defense game about monkeys popping balloons.

I swear it is WORTH every penny. It’s 4.99$ in the US store, but in the Philippines it’s about 1$+ (50php + 12% VAT)


finally living in the philippines has SOME sort of advantage



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Pokémon go
Pokémon Quest

Nuff said

don’t you find eternium too easy? that’s the reason i stopped playing. their A.I is too easy to fool.

i din’t even need to level up for ages. got bored. lol. racked up so many points to put into skills that i deliberately DON’t level up, just to make the game harder for me. lol.

There’s a Shin Megami Tensei, Elder Scrolls and Life is Strange coming soon.

Although there’s a game called Shadow Era, pretty F2P frendly if you are into card games and competitive.

Cytus, Cytus II (have to pay for), and Nexomon. Cytus is a rhythm game and Nexomon is Pokemon like RPG.

Sonny is a turn based RPG. It’s offline.
Instlife is also cool.

'been a while since any recommendations were made, but I wanted to give a shout-out to DOFUS Touch, by Ankama Games.

It’s a full-fledged MMORPG port. The combat is turn-based, which lends itself well to the mobile environment, and there’s quite a bit more complexity to it than you would assume at first glance.
The writing is excellent - full of whacky humour and references. In fact, I’m loving it to bits and pieces. You have not lived until you faced off against the terrifying Sponge Mob in mortal combat.

Monetization is extremely fair, as far as I can tell. Some of the things bought for real money can be traded for in-game currency, and in a lot of cases they can be straight up purchased from the shop with game monies, too. (Expensive, obviously, but no one is forcing you to.)
It’s likely the best MMORPG currently available on any mobile platform. It’s not trying to fleece you, it’s not shoving ads in your face (in fact, there are none), and while there are lots of the typical quests, that is easily off-set by not taking the whole ordeal seriously.

If there’s one shortcoming, it may be the playerbase. And no, not because they’re terrible people. In fact, I have not seen a single curse-word in chat since I picked the game up. There could simply be more of them.
So here you go. Shameless plug. Play Dofus and throw money at developers who treat you fairly.