Anyone got a ticket from the pre-inscription website?

Or even heard of anyone who did?
You’d think that they’d have given those already…

  • Yes
  • No

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Okay so not related to the topic, but this feature where I can see who is replying is awesome. (Like the way you can see in discord when people are typing)

Most of those people were invited to join the Alpha and the people added to Alpha were given Golden Tickets on live - I know because I was added to Alpha last week for the Tesseract show matches (so I could spectate them and commentate) and my account recieved another Golden Ticket yesterday when I opened the app - indicating it had just been added.

I already had one - but they had said in the Content Creator slack I am in they would credit all the Alpha’s with Golden Tickets and then I got one added so indirectly, yes people who pre-subscribed did get Golden Tickets.

Hmmm ok, I thought they’d be doing GT giveaways for 2.12 also.

I think they are - not sure though.