Anyone else pick up BB Cross Tag Battle this week?

So I picked up Blazblue Cross Tag Battle this week at launch and I’ve been having a blast with it. Pre-release, I didn’t care much for it bc I just thought it was a generic anime fighter, but once I got my hands on the beta, I really started to get into it. The controversies around the game didn’t really bother me and I preordered it for quite cheap, at around $30. The gameplay itself is what mainly convinced me to pick it up. It’s EXTREMELY fun to play imo (I actually haven’t had the same amount of fun with a fighting game in a long time), and the roster is really well-balanced (although some characters are objectively better than others and a few are annoying to play against). I’ve been destroying in online lobbies with my Chie/Yu team. Anyways, anyone else pick it up this week?


30 Carrots Needed

Ew I don’t really like playing against Ruby, she’s pretty annoying Kinda considering picking her up tho bc EVERYONE picks her

Well I got JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure: Heritage for the Future. A real man’s pose-off-erhm I mean…fighting game