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Anybody watch Rox Armada VS Team ACE?


That final YATES ULT into the base, put down a scout cam, 2 more port in…

Damn… what a backdoor… i was kinda hoping the match would drag out and Rox would pull off an epic come back… but nope.

Anyway… Yates should’ve got banned, thats my personal opinion.

All this will only make sense to anyone who watched it. it was an epic match, going back n forth… Those map changes are actually making Esports worth watching.


I agree. The 3rd placer and finals were awesome.

So much back and forth! It also shows that East Asia has a substantialy different meta compared to those of the western regions.

I recommend that people who like e-sports to go watch these matches, even if you can’t understand them entirely.


Too bad rox armada is gone ;-;. One of the first teams i watched back then