Anybody noticed a huge improvement of graphics?

Never noticed that in 2.11, but after using the “closer” camera angle now, or even the regular, I couldn’t help but feel like ingame models and such were much more detailed. Seriously, some skins like Vox’s cloud raider T2 are pleasant to look at.

Here it’s a lot more buggy tho? Don’t have ticket but that’s what I hear?

pretty sure it’s just placebo :eyes:

Not sure about that… I play on an iPad Air 2 so I suppose I’m spared from the performance issues.
However, I did notice some unresponsiveness at some points, but it didn’t last for long.

Here’s to hoping I’m not just seeing things I want to see then >_>

Yes the graphic is amazing and detailed. I love that waterfall on the bottom lane so beautiful, the water animation is so real. But still so many lags, screen glitches and bad ping.

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I think the lighting is what’s having that affect. The lighting on the 5v5 map makes everything look really nice IMO. It’s the icing on an already overly sweet cake.

Now I wish I could zoom out more in 3v3 so I could actually play without wanting 5v5 instantly.

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