Anybody have all hero ranges for their abilities

I need this for a physics investigation and need the range data to calculate their travel time of projectiles such as glimmershot. Help would appreciated, also semc needs to put range back into ability description.

there are many abilities with no ranged data… sorry to say that kestrel’s glimmershot is one of them. I do wonder if it’s the same as her AutoAttack range.

I also wonder if it’s a case of “under construction” - they probably messed with the range so much in testing that they got fed up with constantly changing the description. I’m just guessing.

Can’t help any further, sorry. You can always do it the painfully old school method of using a tape measure, lol.

kestrel needs a little bit of more range on her glimmers (if she will be too strong, they can balance it around with dmg).