Any ways to deal with premade?

They are jerks, who only care about themselves. For them, their lane is all what they want and they never care about how is their teammates. Well, if they are like Leon who can carry in late game even when all other members feed then it’s OK for me, but it turns out they fed 1/10 after taking the first turret at 15:00 then rage ping all the time then… it sucks.

P/s: I successfully make Leon lost a game even though only me fed because he last hit everything in jungle. So if you are smart you can make your whole snowballing team lose with only yourself. And no, feeding non stop under turret won’t make it work.


Premade? you mean instalockers? or going against a party? or playing with a party while solo que?

I would give L3oN every jungle camp tbh

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Idk why ppl do that tbh. If you’re the jungler you just get underfed and you’re relying heavily on the pro to carry the game. I have seen people do the same with DNZio.

That being said I’d do that too if I actually ever played with a pro. :grin:

Obviously people forming party with each other.
Besides, the main point is I priority pros or not. It is normal players’ behavior.
Lots of premade players are pretty rude. They don’t care anything except they and their friends.

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if bot and mid lane are fed the jungler is automatically fed as well

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it’s tunnel vision. it gets worse if they’re on voice chat. I know, because I duo’ed with some other dude and all he did was follow me around, I had to tell him to go help top lane.

it’s not because of party’ing up. it’s lack of map awareness, which is amplified when they’re talking to each other, causing tunnel vision.

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