Any StarCraft players here?

I used to be a big starcraft 2 fan 1 and BW too when I was a kid…

I then sold my PC mostly due to time restraints and not wanting to play RPG mmos anymore, I was a big guildwars 1 player too.

Now I have gotten my hands on an Imac which can run SC2 flawlessly at high graphics.

Might start playing SC again. Anyone else too?

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“Hell, it’s about time.”
Too bad that I’m too poor to have my PC to play the game.

Anyway, what’s your favorite part in SC2? WoL, HotS or LotV?

I stopped after WOL but I am a Protoss main since OG Starcraft.

LOTV is focused even more on Macro…

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En Taro Adun, En Taro Tassadar.

Btw, do you feel the new hero look kinda similar to November ‘Nova’ Terra?


We need to turn SAW into Tychus Findlay and Taka to Alarak ASAP. They’re E X T R A W E A K now

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En Taro Adun, En Taro Zeratul.

My life for Aiur.

Starcraft was the first game where I took the name Xaldarian.

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En Taro Fenix too bro. Man I wish HotS put in Talandar after Fenix.

Man I played SC when I was 5 or 6 or 7. Holy shit. At that time I don’t understand the storyline at all

How old are you now? 30 here…

I’m 16 and in a thread I revealed that today is mah BD

I played starcraft as a kid when it wasn’t that old yet. Played Warcraft 1 and 2 too…

Starcraft is the only game ever to be crowned game of the century.

Its concept of starting at equal footing each match without a buy in etc is what laid the foundation for what would become the Moba Genre in a mod…

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I only played WC3 and now I don’t remember anything

Btw, what’s your favorite Protoss character, infantry, ground and air vehicles (Mechanical air and ground)? Mine are Fenix/Talandar, Archons, Collossi and Tempests.

I have always been weak to templar caste. Especially the dark Variant.

High templar Dark Templar and Blink stalkers.

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Yeah, Protoss main as well. StarCraft was my First Love of PC games.

back when there was no internet connection, there was a thing called dial-up modem, which could do 1vs1.

lol. i feel old.

not too bad with terran and zerg as well… but Hats off to you EU players… the best SC players from EU

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