Any effective ways to counter kensei?

In my mind,since kensei does full wp damage scaling with enemy max HP, with no cp scaling,I thought building pure armor was an effective way to counter him.
But unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I got wrecked anyway. So back to the topic question.

Mortal wounds, and distance.

Remember part of his effectiveness is dependent on your HP pool, and his ability to fortify his health.

Strip his barriers, try to outpace him. If you’re playing as a jungler, you might want some lifesteal along with your armor - but again be wary of the HP you’re building.

I think part of the best counter for Kensei is dependent on how your teammates also know how to deal with him - like 3.2 Alpha and everyone’s fear of her being invincible becoming her downfall, as everyone would just instantly focus her.

Early game he’s potato so you can invade and snowball easily


This so much this - You should take the early game to him and bully


The best way to defeat Kensei is to ban him permanently.


…This man gets it.

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I thought Kensei’s A ability has a AoE that makes early game farming much easier in lane?

I guess you could bully him from range.

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Early on, most junglers can just walk up and thug him too. Later, you really want ranged heroes to take him out.

Atlas Pauldron hits him hard, as does any sort of mortal wounds. Other than that, I’m not sure avoiding health actually helps — it depends on how your hero scale s with health. If your Gwen and your main concern is surviving a second of burst damage before you run away, Slumbering Husk still works. If you’re Lorelai and you need health to scale your stun and barrier, you still need that, and having War Treads, Crucible, and Fountain in your build are not going to harm you as much as the stronger barrier and longer stun help. Basically, you don’t want to just build health, but most characters who scale with health still benefit from it as long as they add armor too.

My friends and I did a bunch of 3v3s when he first came out, and I brought Kensei out to jungle a few times — several teams had everyone build Metal Jacket and Atlas Pauldron, and they focused me every time I showed up. I kept getting more deaths than kills, but like 20 assists as my team always has Skaarf, Skye, or Celeste, or Varya melting faces while I got focused. Honestly, two armor items isn’t much help, because there are diminishing returns on armor.

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If Kensei has a brain he will not use any skills vs a ranged carry unless he can guarantee a kill.
His B is a reliable escape and functions like a mini shank with the approach and roll back effect. Afterwards Kensei has 3 charges of his A that can help him escape. If he first carves up someone in his path he will slow them as well. If no one is in his path he can chain his a 3x and get away easily.

You can deny him farm but you can’t get him, he will get away…

If you did get him the Kensei either overextended, tried to kill you and failed or you got a lucky kill.
Kensei is about as Slippery as Malene. He can get away from Krul that already engaged on him…


Malene can actually counter him… with safe distance. And also if you have cath, abuse her stun on him as many times as you can and delete him.

Even celeste can counter too if she can stun him wisely and deal damage.

  1. bully him by invading his jungle if he is a jungler or gank him in lane and freeze lane if he is a laner , in one of my 3v3 games my team let kensei pass and enemy picked him so i went krul , i took all his farm and he afked we won in 6 minutes by enemy surrender , krul can 1v3 kensei and his team because he is so weak .

  2. if he gets to late game , atlas and burst damage , you can delete him quick .

  3. if you talking about him in brawl mode with his stupid rare talent , thats op no counter for that but avoiding fighting him .

Krul? Kensei can handle Krul… That player was probably rather bad…

One way to counter him is to ban him. If he isn’t banned, pray to god that someone on your team picks Kensei first. If the enemy picks him, make sure that at least one of your teammates, including you, play a hero that can stun and focus fire on him.

Or use him as plant food for petal making sure to stop him from leveling and getting full build

My strategy is usually just delete game until the inevitable stat nuke next patch.

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He cant handel krul , did you play kensei and tried his early game ?
My krul is not that good , but i can invade the best junglers in the world if they playing kensei , you cant beat krul and early game kensei is not there , when you play against kensei early game its like a lvl12 krul hitting a lvl6 hero .

I play him bot lane and can get away that is in the few games I got to play him… Banned 99%…