Another VGF Feature I'm Grateful For

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say how much I appreciate this forum site being EXTREMELY user-friendly on mobile devices. Most of my posts come while I am using my cellphone.

I understand this is more commonplace in today’s internet, to have mobile-friendly sites, but I also know having created and paid for websites of my own in the past, that it can often cost more to have such a feature. I sitll browse several sites today that either A) don’t have a mobile friendly site or B) it is so different from the original site that you’re missing out on content and features.

The mobile platform for this site is both eye friendly and 100% functional as compared to the desktop platform.

Thank you!


This forums are awesome, if it wasn’t for this awesome community I would probably have left the game long time ago, so thank you guys for being awesome!


Huh, I never really thought about how mobile-friendly the Discourse architecture is, especially in comparison to the Xenforo one of the old forums (but I mainly browse on PC/tablet, so that’s probably why). Although the profile BGs are a little weird and profile cards aren’t viewable, they’re not really big issues and they don’t take away from how well-optimized the software is for mobile.

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Yeah it’s clear discourse was designed to be mobile-first and upscaled it for the PC version

Ummm, no, that’s actually completely false.

The software is intelligent enough to serve different versions of the site to smaller versus larger screens. The appearance of those versions depends on the theme that contains the styles and graphics that create the look of the site. The theme we use has both small and large screen versions. The theme developer created each version separately – the desktop/tablet version is not at all a “scaled up” mobile version.

It is pretty good, and it’s kinda fitting that it is, these forums being forums for a mobile game… well, it was a mobile game when they were made, altho it’s now meant to be cross-platform.


Wait really? That’s surprising. Really good design then!


It is indeed. It was actually one of the major reasons we chose this software (and the theme we use). :ozo:

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