Another Departure

Isaac Epp (aka Kraken) has left SEMC for Phoenix Labs

My Reaction


another good SEMC employee leaves



This game aint lastin that long.

Can they just sell vg already to ten cent

Tbh it’s really not like anyone likes the U.I. anyways… so this I mean… shouldn’t make anything worse…

it’ll be a skeleton crew soon.

That Phoenix Labs are onto a good thing.
The whole 2 and a half Dimension Art in games is such a visually appealing platform.
That Dauntless open beta trailer is looking good. I wish him all the best.

Was he responsible for the new UI? If so, I have no strong feelings about his departure.

Lots of senior folks have left, but it looks like they picked up a bunch of newer folks over the past year, some on the official site, and some not. I don’t know what to make of the departure of so many older staff. Perhaps they stayed just long enough to vest their shares, or perhaps their compensation packages were more generous than what they were giving new hires.


i like how Hazeleyes keeps in the loop with all this insider news. Without these posts, I wouldn’t even know what’s going on behind the scenes.

IMO it’s not such a bad thing to bring in new and fresh thinkers.
I think it’s normal in the gaming industry to move jobs in the course of one’s life. Some move more than others, but i think that’s part of how things work. it keeps creativity flowing.


Exactly, I have a hunch that the older devs were getting a fat paycheck so now they want younger folks with a smaller paycheck. Example Playoffbeard, needed more to support his family, SEMC probably couldn’t raise it cuz they goin broke

Just my thoughts.

You really can’t expect to make that much at a gaming company though. The whole industry is based around paying non-execs as little as possible and getting away with it because people willingly work for slave wages in this field.

this is so sad alexa play conjugationsback by srmara

when this game dies im going to publish all the assets


would that be allowed?


This text will be blurred


We have a rebel in out admist.

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Alexa, play Renegades by X Ambassador.

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Another one has fallen @hazeleyes

I wonder if the end is near

where is the post? i don’t see it…

EDIT: his last vainglory related tweet was on July 30th… so “former” could be old news? i dunno how twitter works…

One day this game will bite the dust.