Anniversary Time Capsule [ Year One ]

Hey all !!

Today is 24 Jan, 2019. For those of you who don’t know the significance, it marks a year since these community forums were first created !! In that year, we grew from a couple dozen users frantically copy and pasting the OG Forums into a community with nearly 1300 users, that is continuously growing and producing great content.

In order to commemorate that achievement, we’re going to do something fun, albeit a little cheesy. This thread will be open for a week and then I’ll be hiding it away until 24 Jan, 2020. So your job is relatively simple - say hey, leave your mark, stamp your name on an achievement that took all of us to make. We’ll be able to look back on it in a year ( which may come sooner than you think ).

Also, as a nod to significant members of the community, we’ll be highlighting five community-nominated members in the OP. Everyone can nominate someone, - although it can’t be yourself ( sorry @HipsterSkaarf ) or a moderator ( we already get cool badges … again sorry @HipsterSkaarf ) - just leave a brief comment as to the impact they had on our first year. We’ll choose the top five !!

Happy Anniversary everyone !!

Also - none of this would be possible without the aforementioned @HipsterSkaarf , @hazeleyes , or @idmonfish . Thank you all !!


Gonna drop the 5v5 meta wiki by @NinjaBryden here because it’s easily one of the best examples of the community efforts on here even if it hasn’t been updated in a long time and it was never exactly finished, but that’s besides the point


Can’t forget high quality hero drawings by @DIMTI. Truly a gem in the VG community :^)


One year!? Congrats to all! I’ve been really happy to be a part of this community since early December 2018. Here’s to hoping my COD category lasts until next year!

I’ll nominate @Guest_78. Always contibributes good points (also very active on the forums) and is very good at being critical of content presented instead of the person presenting it. I’ve enjoyed our few back and forths and exchange of ideas.


I think closing the old forum was complicated for me , personally I liked it to leave the forum and focus on other things because forums take a lot of time reading , thinking and writing , but at the same time I didn’t like the way they closed it , so it was for me a mixed feelings , I was lurking here and the reason I registered after a month or more of lurking was to get the early adopter badge , it was like the 5v5 badge .

But I kept asking myself the same question , am I here because I expect the Devs reading what I say like the old forums or am I here for the community , the lack of Devs communication here I think made it clear that Iam here for the community but I appreciate @VideoVillain and @Nivmett for what they did in old forum and this forum .

Little confession , I made a smurf before the old forum end , I was planning to test the new stuff for new players , they gave me Gwen and her skin , lance and Celeste if I remember correctly , but then I made a decision to play with someone stuck in t5 or t4 from the forum , I think I checked his/her from vg pro and got good understanding then added him/her to say that I played with them before and want to rank together , I think after several games he/she realized that Iam a smurf hehehe , but I actually couldn’t get past t8 bronze with him/her , too heavy or Iam a very bad carry , I think we got a lot of climbing complains on old forum so I tried to test the complains , there was a lot of things to learn for him/her , stuck in that tier for a reason , and I didn’t reveal who I am or anything we just stopped playing together after the struggle.

Thanks to the mods and the members for this experience , even if the Devs and Reddit consider us toxic , we are the voice of reason and sometimes the ugly truth.


Well it’s been an up-and-down year for the game, that’s for sure. In my opinion, it ends on a high tho, so lets hope SEMC keeps up the good work. At the same time, we have to keep up the good work here! I have to say I’ve really enjoyed discussing the game (and other stuff) with you all!

I dunno who to nominate… tbh I would want to go with @hazeleyes but no mods… I think @Guest_78 gets my nomination, they’ve always got something interesting to say about balance changes, builds, etc.


The best I have to say is Wow, that went fast.

SEMC has been tripping all over the place this year but id say they are getting it together somewhat. If only they could just fix the 5v5mm and not decimate our favorite heros kits we could get somewhere!!!

Over here on the forums we have a couple of new faces popping in which is nice to see (even though i feel like half of them were here all along and just reading not talking…not pointing any fingers)
Im happy that the forum is still plenty active, and thankful that the saltmine hasnt overflowed yet

We lost some good SEMC Employees too this year…
But my man Ciderhelm is back!!! :tada::confetti_ball: :vgcheersx3:

My nomination will also go to @Guest_78, they are definitely the one whos been most active in replying to even the posts that dont get many replies (insert any of my posts here lol)

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I always see @Guest_78 and @cha0z around being helpful and generally pleasant additions to forum discussion, I think they’re worth mentioning.


@DIMTI would get my nomination because his drawings are so sex c that I feel as if i leave a comment on them then I will ruin the drawings and reducing their sex c NESS. His Ozo guide made me Ozo god too whenever there is no hard CC so :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Wait what i feel like that’s a wasted nomination

It was helpful, succinct and didn’t ramble on much. Just got straight to the point with each build lol

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O. The two things you mentioned are really the only notable things I’ve done here though

Worth a mention in the time capsule don’t you think?

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Thanks, just trying to be a useful member of the wonderful community we got here. :blush:


can i get a hi back
pls hi back so we can look at it next year and laf xd

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I will give a shout out to anyone who has Ruby Rose as their profile pic :heart_eyes:

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I’m still impressed at how I managed to get that screenshot, it never gets old and is always so pleasant to look at.

However, with that sick screenshot you posted last week of best girl, I might have to switch things up soon. ;)))) demanding permission to use pls

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Just gonna use my nomination to shoutout @This_Aint_Sparta_2.0. While he’s made more of an impact on me personally rather than this community as a whole, I’d still like to use my nomination on him. Although I have positive views on everyone here because of how close-knit this part of the VG community is, I never really expected to make friends with anyone, and certainly not in regards to non-VG related stuff. I’m honestly really glad I did become friends with him, though. He’s really the only one here (outside of @NinjaBryden, but we’re friends irl, so it’s a different case) that I’ve really played with and the games we’ve done together (especially recent ones) really reminded me why I fell in love with VG in the first place. Other than that, I’ve had a lot of great times with him out of game as well.

oh no the real talk feels are starting to get to me um uh * insert something about ozo here*


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pig was here

my nominations goes to @Nivmett he was really nice and helpful even with some questionable comments i am ready to wait here for a year until i rise again :sunglasses: