Anka sweetie what are you doing

i never seen someone with less map awareness than hearing the announcer go “BLACKCLAW IS GONNA WRECK YOUR SHIT” and heading towards the enemy base.


She watched one tournament online and thinks she can solo backdoor xD


lowkey hoping that was the case because by god that anka was problematic

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Lmao for real. You should have seen a game I had yesterday. Noo one had map awareness in any form. Our Krul was the best one out of all of it. He roamed all match into the enemy jungle while turrets got taken out at like 8 mins, initiated on dragons while enemy was waltzing into our base, and tried to get us to help him all the way in enemy base while he didn’t help in one teamfight all match. Our other teamates were barely any better. I carried them to a win.

And a beautiful loss when everybody but the anka was dead and blackclaw was attacking. What does this anka do? With a sliver of health left on dragon? Run into enemy base and try to back door when the enemy is on a 10 second cooldown. Like whyyyy. Probably the same anka

I am so done with ranking. I troll like half my games now. Go into draft, people make me pick churn saying its for them and then they switch their role and force me to play churn when i have no clue about churn. Then they pick vox into a ringo and celeste lmao. Then that pro vox builds bonesaw when no one in the enemy team has any WP defense. This game is going to shit. I shouldnt have bought the battle pass or else I’d have left by now. Quality of players is waaaaay below par. Playing ranked and seeing that such people are t9-t10 just disgusts me. I just had another match and if i see my teammates irl, i might just drive a sword through their throats.


Feel the same way. I haven’t been playing VG long, but as a seasoned MOBA player, it’s garbage right now the start of this season. I’m going to kick back and play some casual. Add me if you want to relax and play some casual a few games. VeritasVT, NA server.

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Causal is worse to be honest.


I was gonna say “backdoor?” but then I looked at the enemy turrets and was like nope. nobody is stupid enough to attempt to backdoor that.

ever just have some idiot giving orders to people and you’re just like
“nooooo Greg he shouldn’t do dat!”
and he charges as varya into 3 enemies, dies, and goes

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