Anka is really Fun to use

Is anyone else having a ball learning Anka? Sure she’s hard to use, but the challenge is thrilling. landing those combo’s is so fun. I love it.

I got my first Penta in Casuals… if only it was that easy in ranks. lol.

Im afraid to play in Casual right now :smile:
Gonna wait 1,2 days until instalockers disappear

Nobody takes Casuals seriously. Just have fun. what is there to be afraid of?

I am afraid of Anka instalockers and rage ping nonstop :).
It would end in the last 3-4 days of the first week.

Players are already figuring out how to counter Anka… I would be using her now, before she get’s targeted to death.

Mastered her I think she’s kinda ez to play once you snowball of a squishy hero.

Ardan is a hard counter to her.

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Pick Catherine/Ardan. Use stun/shield right after she dashes in.
If you pick Cath and successfully stun her right after her dash, she will lose the speed boost thus making her dying very fast. She is squishy anyway.

Really? It’s easy to evade his gauntlet. I find Fortress is a hard counter.

She can be stunned mid blink, I tried to evade a stun by blinking past at the exact right moment and still got stunned. So that makes her only reliable escape her ult.

Catherine is a counter, but not a hard counter. It’s pretty even match up.

Why everyone thinks all ardan offers is the gauntlet??? His main ability it’s not the gauntlet, it’s the Vanguard. When she needs to burst someone quickly for her to not be a sitting duck, a +1000 barrier every 6 seconds stops any attempt from her to burst anyone, making her a sitting duck. Vanguard is the best ability to prevent her burst, better than grace as they need to be near and the holy shield isn’t instant (VG is much quicker).

the barrier. lol. yEAahhh… that’s good. but it wears off and i find players get too over confident with that vanguard, over extend and all of a sudden - poof - the white bar dissapears.

Anka is a pick your fights kinda hero. she likes kill shopping and got a selection of 5 to choose from. who’s Ardan going to protect? not all. one every 6 seconds. which means 4 is not protected.

i don’t mean to say Ardan is no good. I just mean he’s not really a hard counter.

I remember first day of release it was mad hard to blink and stuff because even though your knife connected the game didn’t register it properly but now it seems they fixed that and i go like 20 kills in cas and I got her once in ranked and had to play her top. She gets pretty hard countered by ringo until you get items though I got cheesed so hard early game until I bought heavy prism and I ended up getting first blood and a double kill shortly after.

So far I feel like her counters are: ringo (early game), fortress, reim (when he has you pinned down although this kinda applies to everyone), alpha (literally because of that second life and the fact that she can chase you just as effectively as anka can chase her), maybe rona, WP Taka, Reza (both kill each other but if hes a little ahead he mops the floor with her unlike when she is ahead its hard for her to pin him down), WP Idris (if he gets the A barrier), Ardan, cath, churn, cap lance and there are some more but can’t think of any. All captains besides Lyra counter her I think.

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Counters: Ardan, Phinn, Tony, Adagio. A good tanky dive hero who jumps on her first can win. She can be lane bullied early by most ranged heroes. If your team lacks AoE damage, Anka can struggle to find an opening.

If she has any competent CP AoE hero on her team, she can easily pull off multiple Quadra/Penta kills per match. She is CP Taka on steroids.

well yeah… early lane ranged bullies kinda counters her, but her late game counters them back.
Her only real hard counters are petal and fortress.
She pairs really well with any AOE damage heroes. Baron for example.
Tanky heroes are a menace and it’s only when she builds enough CP that she can take them down.

When she first came out, i dared to first pick her and kept winning. Now i feel she’s more of a situational pick.

She won’t have a late game if the bullies know how to bully and that’s where player skill comes in. Unlike Reza who if he gets a few kills at some point in the game he can come online, Anka is just a dead weight because she is supposed to make the enemy team not come online.

You just use the VG once she engages, preventing her burst.