Anka AutoAttack bug

So i’ve been trying out Anka in Casual matches. she’s pretty good and has a nice set of combo’s

but while trying out new combo’s I tried to A (mark a jungle creep), A (blink past the jungle creep) then AA by tapping directly on top of the marked target. it won’t AA without stutter stepping.

I don’t know if this is intentional, that the A bility doesn’t reset AA. even when tapping the target repeatedly in quick succession, it will only start AA’ing if you tap on the map (aka - stutter step) or a certain period of time passes, or you use B.

Maybe it is intentional. in which case, just ignore this post.

Edited for reference:

Anka using Tap Controls:

Anka using Joystick controls:
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i asked nightwalker about this and she said it was intentional :pouting_cat: :pouting_cat: :pouting_cat:

interesting that it doesn’t happen with joystick controls.
if this is truly intentional, then this is the first hero that is orientated around joystick controls.

This is similar to Krul. You go in a bush, recall until you get passive and then click a target that’s already in the bush and he attacks only once. After that the target is selected but he won’t attack it until you move which sucks really, especially if you’re on the edge.

Intentional disadvantage for melee users with dashes… Complete bullshit.

Melees already have several downsides…
They can’t fix their shit so they call it intentional…


just intentioanl for anka


Still it doesn’t feel right nor is it mentioned.
It looks and feels bugged. Like someone messed up programming and they just never fixed it.

Nope. Confirmed to be the way she is intended to work.

I agree with you that the behavior is unexpected and inconsistent with the way you’d expect her to work.


if so then the joystick control should get same treatment

(disclaimer : assuming that she can, with joystick ofc. only based on above statement)


With joystick control she plays much much smoother indeed…

Yeah, if it’s true that it doesn’t work that way with joystick … :lanceheresy:

Joysticks don’t have these issues…

Confirmed? Before I start poking them in the eye with their statement that “heroes won’t be tuned for a particular control scheme”, I’d like to have some sort of proof that things work differently depending on whether you’re using touch or JS.

We already know that their statement that joysticks wouldn’t get auto-aim for abilities is false.

yes, try it yourself. i second that. Joystick can simply hit that attack button to instantly start attack from the same spot. no need to stutter step


I haven’t put in many games yet with Anka. But two with joysticks where I never got stuck (my phone) one on my tablet (tap) which normally is the superior control mode but it was pretty bad because of the basic attack refusing to trigger half the time…

So I can’t solo confirm but I am not alone in stating this.

Is gwen with her notorious attack bug affected when playing with Joystick?

it just makes jungling that much slower, clear speed slower and 1v1’s not a ideal situation.
it’s only not noticeable in team fights, because you’re moving about anyway.

still would be nice to get a more fluid tap control.

I had one fight where I had a perfect teleport teleport on top of my intented target. I tried to attack but she stood still and the enemy got away because she refused to attack.

Or worse stand still taking hits refusing to finish of an enemy.

I stand by my point, they messed up and call it working as intended…


Smart decision by SEMC. She can blink without forcibly using her perk. It gives players more control and it also creates a tiny extra window for opponents.


her perk doesn’t go off when attacking creeps / minions.
It only activates when Auto Attacking a hero. with her being an CP assassin, those AA are few and Far between. her main source of damage is her abilities.