Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Well I was way to hyped to remember to post it here for the few fourmers that also liked the title.

Just seeing how much new features were worked on really does balance out the whole 1 Island = 1 Console debacle.

Also just my opinion but I really do think that Nintendo is pushing the release hard since there are some features and the so called “free” updates that will add more content in. I feel a little bad for the ac devs.

Edit: Nintendo removed the vid and reuploaded it to fix some mistakes

Oh. Instead of resurrecting a old thread just for ACNH, I decided to make a new thread to keep updating. If anyone was wondering.

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All the customising you can do to your island! Everyone is so hyped for it

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Is anyone playing this? I started playing after release and lets just say Ive pulled a all nighter at the launch date.


I might get it after completing SMT 4 on 3DS since it’s all on lockdown till 31st but pulling an all nighter? You must’ve been looking forward for this game. I haven’t done any all nighter since I was a wee little boy. Them eyes starts to hurt real bad in morning. :persevere:


I’ve been playing it since release, enjoying island life and the cuteness of it all, how has your island experience been so far?

Perfect! I played it so much that I burnt myself off of it. As of rn, Im taking a break as the result of that.

How about you?

It’s amazing! Enjoying my island and customising it is such fun, played it so much since release.

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